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    People of Kerala depend on print media for News.

    Indian Readership Survey (IRS - 2017 Report),World's largest of such study groups, reports that people of Kerala depend on News Papers for getting news than on TV channels. About 66% of people read Malayalam dailies regularly. This is four times that of the national rate of reading news papers. In Kerala news papers reach 59.73 % of the people, while the National rate is only 16.55%. In Delhi only half of that in Kerala.
    The figures in some of the other States are: Tamil Nadu : 17.72 %, Maharashtra: 18.92%, UP: 15.27%, West Bengal: 10.41%.
    In Kerala the eeadership of Malayalam papers is 41 times that of English papers. English news papers reach only to 1.44 % of readers in Kerala. However, 69% read Malayalam news papers. Channel readership (viewer ship) among them is very less. Among the youth also the news paper readers are more in Kerala. Among the age group 12 to 29 about 61% read news papers regularly. The national average is only 16%. The increased rate of literacy in Kerala must be a reason for these.
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    This is one more testimony that proved that Kerala is the fully educated state. Because in news paper only we find in depth news and also detailed news which are not available on television. The reasons being televisions cannot show the news without visuals, where as the news paper make a detailed coverage over the press statements issued and they also correlate the topic with past events and statistics. Probably for this reason even I like reading news paper. I bet at least two or three news of their own investigation or the unique news can be read and that would be informative and interesting too.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    No wonder Sir. The God's Own Country is so special, only because of its special people. Literally every small tea shop fellow gives at least one copy of the local newspaper for study. I have seen people read it so fast, and discuss so many things among themselves. To a limited extent I understand Malayalam, as it is similar to Tamil. The greatness of the people is so good that I find a huge percentage of literacy in every home. They do not take anything on face value.

    This is possibly the reason why communal politics does not stand a chance here. I have too many friends from Kerala, and they are all of the uniform opinion that regardless of religion or caste, it is hard work, sincerity and dedication that makes Kerala so special. Even the songs, and the dance. Looks at the way the latest hit song "Manikka" has been done.

    It is just amazing. Perhaps the reading habits makes Kerala so special. The ability of the people to live in peace with the nature, is so special. Let this continue Sir. No State can match yours. Let us be clear about this fact of life.

    Tamil Nadu has already gone to dogs. Here, the TV news is all about sensationalism. I do not know if our reading habits will ever improve at all. Congratulations to all Kerala people!!

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    That way Kerala is having its speciality. The literacy rate is very high in that state and almost 0% illiterates. Another good quality of Keralites is that they have a special liking for their mother tongue. All these habits put together Kerala has attained a special status. They like reading more. Even in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana also the old timers like to read Telugu newspaper. If you see in our colony in all the houses in the mornings you will find one person sitting in the chair with paper in one hand and teacup in the second hand. These days many people are not preferring to see TV channels for news as they are not giving correct news and creating hype by circulating rumours. But newspapers will not do this and there are some standard papers in which the news published is 100% reliable. Personally, I always feel better in reading my mother tongue newspaper in the mornings every day.
    always confident

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