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    He goes daily for regularizing his pension. But nothing done. One day he took a ....

    A old man who was eligible to his senior citizen pension was being denied since eight months at the pension office and they are keeping on shunting him from this section to that section. Vexed with the dodging activity, he hit upon the idea to have a poisonous snake around his neck and entered the pension office. Now the entire staff were shivering and would agree for the release of the pension in just three days. What made the officers to act such fast. Is that the fear of the snake or they really shamed for their behavior in delaying his pension ?
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    In fact, both. They were possibly aghast that the person entered their office with a snake, hinting directly at their inaction. Secondly, they were afraid of him, wondering what he would do next to them, and even harm them. This is the crux of their thinking. Anyway, the action has come. Let more and more do such things to activate irresponsible and corrupted staff.

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    Is it true? Where did it happen? you have not given these details. The action of that Senior Citizen shows the degree of his frustration in making rounds around the government offices. Probably the staff of the office that if they are not attending the work, that man may leave the snake there and go back home. In such case, it will be very difficult for them to handle the snake and it may bite a couple of people there. If they are not doing on that day the next day the same gentleman may come to the office with another dangerous animal and then it will become very difficult for them. To avoid these problems they might have completed the work. So we should have a friend who can handle snack better so that we can take his help in getting the office working government offices fast. The demand for snake hire will increase.
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    Such incident may have some different explanation. The pension of the person is not being released/being delayed due to some genuine reasons like non-availability of all documents necessary for the pension. But when the officials saw a poisonous snake and the enraged man who was not in a position to listen to logic, they hastily agreed to release the pension within three days to ward off immediate danger.

    This is not a justification, but only a plausible explanation.

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    Is it a fact or your self created story for fun? A police complaint would have put the old guy behind the bars.

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    And Sun why should I create a story and by the way why ISC always insists for proof. Here it is .
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    Mr. Mohan, there have been instances like this in the past too where people have tried to commit suicide in front of offices and some have even attempted to set fire to the files. It is not yet time to forget an incident where a person who has been made to walk up and down for getting a clearance from a village office in Kerala poured petrol all around the office and set it on fire destroying files and some property belonging to the office. People do resort to such extreme steps due to desperation and a feeling of helplessness. I don't support such acts but then these are acts by people who become temporarily abnormal due to circumstances and we need to take it that way only.

    And regarding ISC asking for proof, please do not blame the editors or members who feel doubtful about a particular post because we had instances where messages passed on in the social media sites or Whatsapp has been reproduced by some members as threads and so has been cases of unauthenticated news and analysis too. So, when we are in doubt, the authors should be ready to provide the source or issue a clarification in that regard. In this connection, let me tell you that though you have provided the photograph of an old man carrying a snake sitting before another gentleman in an office, you have not provided the source as such.

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    This image is taken from the television news v 6 telecast on 10th June at 5.30 am
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    If the media could reach the office with the snake man and have a coverage of the event, then it is a publicity stunt. The photograph doesn't appear to be a threatening one. The old man pleads with a snake. The officer sitting there is very cool and relaxed without any fear, and enjoying the snake show.

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