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    Village fairs: are they common throughout India?

    The Indian economy has many facets. It has many colors. There is so much of a variety and the economy of the poor, by the poor and for the poor, is huge. It is a real thrill to see it, experience it, and turn buyers, even to a very limited extent.

    I wish to know this. We, in Tamil Nadu, have village fairs, at the drop of a hat. There are so many temple festivals, and there is a huge economy that springs up from nowhere. Thousands come to worships the God, but there is a huge economy. The "miracle" shops, if I may call it, spring up from nowhere. At least fifteen sweet shops, and many of them have a huge variety of halwa sold. The thirty odd bangle shops for the ladies. At times, two small hotels, offering a huge variety of snacks. And at least twenty shops, all temporary, selling what goes into the "archana" or whatever inside the temple. These fairs in thousands of villages happen so often. People buy everything. There are too many cheap items to buy, included unbranded textiles like the shirt and pant bits.

    Is this true of other States? What about North India? And in Kerala or Karnataka or even Telengana or AP, for that matter?
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    In the rural areas of Bengal, there are weekly fairs as well as fair related to religious festivals. But over the years, the number of both is getting less. With the availability of permanent markets in villages or in nearby small towns, the weekly market has almost become non-existent. The religious fairs are also decreasing and people don't get very excited at the time of such fares because of availability of various other sources of entertainment everywhere.
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    In AP and Telangana these fairs will be celebrated every year in different villages on different dates.
    My native place is called Chintaluru in East Godavari Dt. of AP. In that village every year one day before Telugu New year day the fair will start. The fair will last for about 15 days and some for another 15 days. The Village Goddess is Nookalamma. Many people from nearby villages come for this festival. The village people who settled elsewhere for jobs and education will make it a point to come here on that. If it is not possible on that day for any reason they will try to come within that one month and have the darshan of village Goddess. The first 10 days will be a terrific rush. Many shops of all varieties will be making very good business and there will be very good entertainment mobile parks for children. After 10 days slowly the rush will come down and the number of shops will also get less. The last shop will be removed on the 30th day.
    Like this, almost in all villages, these celebrations will be there but it will be in a small way and for a day or two.

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    There was a time when village fairs were the lifeline of villagers and that was the only time when villagers had fun and frolic and did their long cherished shopping.

    The modernization has taken a toll on these fairs and some places they have become history. In many places, they are still going with same vigor and spirit though the merchandise has changed from agriculture tools to various Chinese items.

    There has been a mushrooming of eating places in such fairs. The classical poori-bhaji and pulao are replaced with pizza and momos.

    The spirit and undercurrent of these fairs is same as it was earlier. They create same thrill and attraction for villagers as they had earlier.

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    In Telangana we call it Jatara, that means village fairs being held for one occasion or the other where in the locals would participate in buying and selling. In the vicinity of Hyderabad city, we have Alwal Jatara, where in the ancient Venkateshwara Temple is situated and during the nine day Brahmotsavam, the entire town is agog with much marketing activities of buying and selling. The interesting thing about these village fairs is that we get number of new items at throw away prices and yet very useful. Hand made toys, bugles, whistles , hooters are famous and likewise, for the children lots of toys are available which are of plastic and hand made. And as far as eating items the local flavors of every delicacy would be available. Of course one must be careful about the hygienic and cleanliness before eating such items.
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