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    What do you like - Sugarcane juice with ice cubes or chilled sugar cane from a fridge juice ?

    This is the summer season and most of the places are having the juice corner and that includes sugar cane juice. And we are normally habituated to add ice cubes or raw ice so that it adds to cold drinking pleasure. However now a days chilled sugar canes are put in the fridge and then crushed for juice. The taste of adding real ice and the taste of chilled sugar cane is certainly different. And added to that ginger is also mixed to enhance the taste of the sugar cane juice. What is your like , ice sugar cane juice or chilled sugar cane juice.?
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    I don't like either of them. I like to eat sugar cane piece directly. That will help our teeth to get strengthened. In fact, juices are not good. It is always better to have the fruit or fruit piece directly. This will help us in getting some fibre also which will ensure better digestion. So I always take fruits than fruit juices.
    Fruit juices are better than artificial cool drinks. If you have a choice between these two you should go for fruit juice. If you have a choice between fruit and fruit juice, you should prefer fruit only. This is the best way to have good health and stamina.

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