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    Fresh tender coconut water or the bottled drinks, what is your choice?

    Remember the famous Amir Khan advertisement, released some thirty years ago? It was called "Thanda matlap Coca Cola". That was shot in a superb natural environment at a fabulous town called Pollachi, near Coimbatore city.

    Pollachi is also famous for its fresh tender coconut water. The coconut that comes from this town if very famous too. Its taste is simply superb. The news is that the world-class Saravana Bhavan sources 4000 coconuts from this town.

    The taste of tender coconut water will linger in our mouth for such a long time. It is the sweetest and best in Tamil Nadu. It is sold in certain pockets of Chennai, at Rs.50/- apiece, but has thousands of takers.

    However, many thousands still go with the bottled drinks. What is your preference? Mine is only the superb tender coconut water, irrespective of the source. Pollachi variety may or may not be available everywhere. Still, something that is so natural is far better than the artificial ones.
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    Fresh fruit juice including green coconut water is always hundred times better than bottled juice containing preservatives and other chemicals.
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    When the parameters are equal, I will go for the tender coconut water only.
    However when we are travelling or attending some functions where we cannot come out , then the bottled or packed drinks are convenient. They are easy to carry, available in sizes and capacity convenient for our use.
    But if tender coconuts are available ready when we feel thirsty my preference will be that only.

    Just a few days back when I went to the nearest city with my family, we had taken tender coconuts. But they cost each 40 rupees. We had to spend 120 rupees just onetime. But for the same amount we could have bought much more in bottled or packed drinks and could have stored and carried it too.
    The other alternative is the Soda-Sharbat. That is comparably cheap and is most preferable if we can ensure that the water/soda used is not contaminated and pure and hygienic.
    So when we go with family, it is better to take soda-sharbat/lemon juice using some reputed soda brand, if available.

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    What I feel that to quench our immediate thirst there is nothing better than the earthen pot cold water which is natural in taste and no side effect. I am averse to fridge cold water which gives side effects as the chillness is more. Coming to the comparison between coconut water and cool drinks, surely the scarce of coconut water availability force us to accept the cool drinks. Again in the cool drinks varieties there are so many chemical based which should not be consumed. Nevertheless the coconut is available at 20 per piece and small cool drink brands is also available at same cost. Depend on people choice and availability. Many wants to have chilled drink and hence may not prefer to quench their immediate thirst. That is the reason being so the small pack cool drinks of famous brands are being sold in more quantities.
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    There is no comparison. Whether you drink tender coconut water or not, don't drink bottled cool drinks is my suggestion. Even a glass of lemon water or a glass of thin buttermilk with a little salt is much better than bottled drinks. These cool drinks will have some acidic pH and it is dangerous to drink this cool drinks regularly. But coconut water can be taken every day. But people go after these cool drinks. They have some unwanted chemicals which may spoil your health and those will get accumulated in the body which is never advisable. I feel If coconut is not available it's better to have a glass of lemon water than a cool drink. I made it a point that I should not take cool drinks unless otherwise, it is very very essential. They contain high quantity of sugar and preservatives which are not good for our body.
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    In fact there is no comparison between the two. Coconut water is generally considered as "Amrithu". This is recommended by doctors also as the best drink. During hot days a tender coconut makes everybody fresh. The tired feeling gets away. The lost energy comes back instantaneously. Ayurveda also recommend this as a perfect drink.

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    When I was young I was very fond of bottled drinks. It was a craze to gulp down those bottles after bottles. I did not know about any adverse effect it could do to our bodies or health. I was also not aware that coconut water or lemon water or green tea was a better substitute.

    The life progresses like that and we reach a place when our health starts to show the toll of all these unnecessary indulgences. We start to ask ourselves where we went wrong and then one by one we give up our old habits and embrace the nature in its pure form.

    Though it is too late by that time but still let the remaining time of our life go in good indulgences rather than a coke in hand.

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    The packaged foods including the packaged drinking water, having packed & stored for more than a specified duration with absolutely no nutrition at all doesn't benefit us in any manner except for refreshment for few minutes. I also use to take this as this is cheap & easily available everywhere & doesn't load to your pocket but I wouldn't ever suggest this to anyone else. Instead have lassy or chach or juice if possible.

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