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    Partha! Purchase more tomato

    Only three months back, I used to purchase potato @ Rs. 10-15 per kilo, onion @Rs. 30-40 per kilo. Tomato used to be costlier in the range of Rs. 60-80 per kilo. Today evening, I purchased potato @Rs. 20 a kilo, onion @Rs. 20 per kilo and tomato! I couldn't believe! I purchased one kilo very good quality tomato paying only Rs. 10. I was initially very happy and perplexed. Presently, the potato is twice costlier than the tomato!

    But later, I delved deep into the matter. Now I have realised that this peculiar phenomenon is due to the farmers' movement against low price of agricultural products.

    But I am trying to forget the farmers' movement for the time being. I am telling myself: "Partha, purchase more tomato''.
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    Yes tomatoes has become more cheaper, thanks to the over growing of this vegetable which is available plenty in the market. And the gestation period of tomato is less, the sellers are forced to get rid of the tomatoes at cheaper rates. Push cart vendors, road side vendors, super markets are flooded with red tomatoes which are more cheaper and cheaper. Some time back I purchased tomato at three rupee a kg at a super market. I could then imagine the plight of the farmers who produced the crop. If the super markets can sell for three rupees, the farmer would have paid one rupee or so. That means they are pushed to loss. That is the reason being so there is unrest in farming community. I also blame the farmers as they produce the same kind of crops what the others do and when it comes to selling or marketing, the market reduces the prices for over quantity and less demand and the farmer made to loose.
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    I don't think agitation has driven the price down. It is the glut of tomatoes in the markets and the fact that, it perishes sooner than potatoes and onions. Hence the quicker they sell (even at a lower price), the better the chance of making some money at least. Tomatoes seem to have a love-hate relationship with the people producing and the people consuming.

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    But we never get tomatoes so cheap in Delhi. It is almost unbelievable!
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    The prices of the commodities in the market are always related to demand and supply conditions and fluctuate accordingly on these crucial factors. Sometimes due to problem of transportation also these things happen but they are of temporary phenomenon. As soon as the transportation comes to normal tone these aberrations disappear.

    Unfortunately and the author has also very nicely indicated the fact that the farmer is not getting his due price and this is now becoming a great threat to the Indian agriculture. The Govt is also not able to control this anomaly as this is a massive area and there are a lot of middle men are involved in this trade including the hoarders and whole sellers who are simply exploiting the farmers.

    Through Food Corporation of India (FCI), Govt did a remarkable job of cornering almost all the essential grains in its godowns but for vegetables and fruits no such massive program could be installed. Now the middlemen are minting money in the vegetable and fruit sale while farmers are sitting helpless at one end.

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    Prices of commodities keep fluctuating and we have been experiencing both the extremes (though that on the higher side is more often experienced). The change in prices depends on many factors and we cannot rule out the influence of the ongoing farmer's strike in the present change in prices of vegetables. I do agree with the point by Natarajan about the tomatoes being easily perishable, vendors choose to dispose it off at the earliest by even reducing the price to minimize their losses. But, all said and done, whatever be the price, I don't think we will pile up vegetables or fruits unnecessarily but would purchase only as per our requirement.
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    The vegetable prices are never constant and they will be changing as per the supply in the market. The stocks of Tomatoes are piling up and hence there is a reduction in the price. The Tomatoes will get spoiled quickly and we can't store for many days. That is another reason for the rate diminishing. Another point is the farmer's strike in some places will also contribute for this. It is the time who wants to make a pickle which will be lost for many days with this tomatoes. Evry year my wife will make a pickle with tomato and will keep for 15 to 20 days. But the sufferer here is the former. Whatever commodity he is selling is cheap and whatever he has to purchase are costly. It is high time something is to be done for the welfare of the farmer. Here I am referring the word Farmer to the person who actually gets down into the field and works there. The people with 100s of acres of land need not worry. But poor farmers who are trying hard to make a living with 1 or 2 acres of land.
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