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    Social media has subverted the meaning of real news.

    Mobile technology has become really advanced and now almost everyone has smartphones in his hands. This technology has brought about immense benefits but added to that it has brought many disadvantages and dangers too.

    Nowadays social media has become a strong medium for sharing and spreading the news. Now, this social media is also being misused by many who spread the fake news to instigate hatred and damage image of either a community or person or brands or commodities etc. The list is never-ending, as there are no concrete means to identify the genuineness of the news. Based on these fake news many a time people, including celebrities, have to issue a statement to deny the news or a party has to take a stand that such news is wrong or fake. Many times people get hurt due to these fake news on social media and it is becoming a trend.

    There are laws under IT Act to punish the person who starts/ helps in spreading such news but due to poor implementation the situation is going from bad to worse day by day and the real news is getting lost in the process.

    I have seen newspapers taking due care before releasing any news and in case of any mistake, an apology or correction is also tendered the very next day. This procedure is not very popular in case of TV news and there is hardly any apology or any correction in case of a mistake. On the contrary, they even show some viral news from the social media on the news channels without any proper inquiry of its authenticity.

    Social media is taking over the real news slowly and steadily and is subverting the real news by spreading fake news.

    What opinion do our members hold to this?
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    Nicely said by the author. Even the best news channels who are having their own reporters across the country fail to report the truth , instead take the help of social media sharing and thus the whole day the discussions goes on the subject without matter. Even a small incident is either photographed or video made and shared in the social media which becomes viral within seconds. As people are having smart phones in hands, the news spreads like wild fire. Leave about the authenticity, the way the discussions are initiated is annoying and irritating as there is no need for one. Nevertheless we cannot dismiss the social media altogether. Even the government is relying on social media awareness and many departments are updating their pages on hourly basis , thus social media is used for the good awareness campaign by the government agencies.
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    Social media is a powerful tool to share information. On many occasions, it proved to be very helpful to the society. The news spreads fast across the globe. As the author pointed out, the social media is being used to spread fake news. The Government on many occasions was forced to stop internet facility on a temporary basis in some localities to stop spreading fake and inticing news to prevent untoward incidents. The accountability is missing. Unfortunately, some of the celebrities are following the twitter accounts known for spreading fake and inciting news. They can do well by stopping to follow such twitter accounts.
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    Social media is a good medium to see that news will reach many people fast. But it should be seen that only confirmed news only are published. But these days the news on this media is never believable. 99% are fake news only. That is why people stopped believing the news on this media. Even the 24X7 news channels also trying to give breaking news which is not yet confirmed to increase their TRP ratings. So people are losing faith in these channels also. The final reliable way for all the people remains is Newspapers only. That is why people even today prefer to read newspapers rather than seeing news on TV channels.
    As there is no responsibility of the publisher of the fake news on social media for it's after effects, people are making fun of this opportunity. They write whatever they want and spread all over. These activities should be stopped.

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    In many cases, social media depict true picture which is otherwise suppressed by the agenda-driven mainstream media. For example, anti-Hindu riots at Kaliachak, Dhulagarh, Deganga and Basirhat of West Bengal. The mainstream media almost suppressed the news. Only because of social media, mainstream media was forced to take up the issues much later.
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    Nicely said by Partha. I have also seen the video in which people of other faiths stormed the Hindus temple in West Bengal and created all kinds of non sense, not allowing the rituals to be carried on, beaten the devotees, storming into the santum santorum and on seeing that even my blood pressure gone high. And the West Bengal government wont do anything. When these things wont come in real media, and only in social media the matter is not taken seriously as anything coming in social media has been taken has morphing. But the real media has the right travel those temples and find out the reality and even report now.
    K Mohan
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