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    Why news anchors shout to prove their point. The participants really forget to discuss the issues ?

    Some of the Hindi and English news channels have the prime time discussion platform over the happenings in the day across the country. It is good that they chose the best topic of the day or the issue and initiate the discussions with panel members drawn from various parties, experts and even general public. But what is more annoying that the anchors or the moderators try to boss over and shout in high pitch that those who really want to speak their points are silenced and thus I have seen many panelists are becoming mute spectators and not the real talkers to which they are known for ?
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    It is true. The anchors have to moderate the discussion and see that it will not go out of control and the discussion will not go through the unwanted lines. They play a very important role in this. One movie I have seen in Telugu in which the anchor (Hero of the movie) interviews the CM. The questions irritated the CM too much and finally, the CM told the anchor to sit in his seat and see the difficulties faced by him. Here only the anchor won over the CM and readily accepted the offer and the movie goes on.
    The role of the anchor is very important and he has to make the conclusions in such a way that their channel will be benefitted. If he is not controlling the speakers he can't turn the discussion in the direction he wanted. So he talks more than the actual speakers and makes them forget the points which they want to talk and the entire discussion will go as planned by the moderator.

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    Perhaps we might be having the picture of Arnav Goswami of Republic TV. He is among my favorite but sometimes I want to listen to the silent discourses & so I switch to some other channel. But for me he is good as he always face his counter parts very boldly with no fear & at the same time very much clear with his intentions with no doubt.

    I do feel that shouting sometime is felt appropriate as the moderator has to control the participants or else the points would get misguided & diverted as well. This perhaps is the mechanisms to control the proceedings. This is ok so far everything remains under control.

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    Yes, it is true that in some English channels the speakers were made mum by the anchors. Some of the anchors taking favor to one party or the other and harming democratic discussion. Especially in Republic TV, Mr. Arnab taking favor to BJP in all discussions and not allowing the participants to discuss democratically regarding the issues which I don't like.

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    The 'Times Now' and 'The Republic TV' are the best examples of shouting down the panelists in their shows. The anchors who are supposed to act as moderators should guide the panelists rather than shouting down them in the debates. The topics chosen by all the TV channels indicate very clear on which side they are. This is not true journalism.
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