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    How to ban drunken driving?

    There have been thousands of deaths due to drunken driving. These are mostly lorry drivers, who are irresponsible and take to booze as if there is no tomorrow, and then commit accidents, more so, between 3AM and 4.30AM, when it becomes very exiting to fall asleep. They sleep on the wheel and accidents happen.

    But the main reason is consumption of the worst of toddy. How can we regulate this? I understand the police does some routine checks, but bribing of the police is so effective that these drivers continue with their work. At nights, after 1AM. certain very highly placed young men and women, have also been arrested for drunken driving and causing even deaths, to people who sleep on pavements. These include actors.

    How can we put a big ban to drunken driving?
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    Drunken driving is a punishable offence. But the question is the implementation. Some people prefer heaven or hell more than this earth. So, they always try to reach there. They take the help of this drunken driving. What can the law-makers and police do?
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    There is one solution to check those who drink in the bars and drive in a drunken condition. By placing police squads near the bars and checking everyone who comes out and takes out his vehicle to drive home or elsewhere.
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    These days in Hyderabad police are very serious and punishing the people who are driving after drinking. They are imposing very high penalties. Definitely, there was an improvement. The other day we, three of our friends, met in Chiran fort club. The other two are the MDs of their companies. They came to the place on Uber taxis. they told me that if they bring their drivers the next they may be late. If they drive on their own while going if the police catch hold of them it will be very awkward. So they preferred Uber cabs for commuting. I felt happy that at least there is some change in some people. As I don't drink. I have no problem even though the driver is not there. I think by further increasing the vigilance and imposing hefty penalties if somebody found guilty and suspending the licence for a period may bring better change.
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