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    Do you enjoy memes in other languages too?

    We, in the wonderful State called Tamil Nadu, are helpless citizens of a particular Government that has only created records in one dirty area: corruption. There is absolutely no respite from this, and we are being taken to ransom.

    As a comic relief, everyday, we get to see on You tube, hundreds of memes in Tamil, and all about the BJP clowns in Tamil Nadu, who give us all comic relief everyday, with their absolutely atrocious, fictitious and ridiculous statements. This is followed up with memes that appear within the next one hundred minutes maximum, with the superb comedy scenes from Vadivelu's movies, a famous comedian. These memes are so professional and absolutely humorous, keeping us engaged during the day, in our spare time. In fact, in most EMU trains, these memes offer so much of entertainment.

    Now, there could be other clowns in other States as well. Do you get to see such memes? Please do share such details, so that we can have some fun.
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    We also see such many memes daily. We see these on the Ap government as well as on Telangana government. They are very interesting and gives some fun-filled time. We should appreciate the creativity of the people who make such videos. Whenever there is any news about CM or other Ministers immediately we will see some Memes on that subject in social media. Even on Pawan Kalyan, YSJagan also we see many such postings. Recently I have seen a video in which a mimicry artist imitating Naidu and KCR and making fun of them. Very good entertainment and time pass.
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    The political situation of Tamil Nadu is fluid after the death of Jailalithaa and retirement of Karunanidhi. So far as meme is concerned, I enjoy meme in English, Bengali , Assamese and Hindi. I don't enjoy the memes of other languages because I don't understand the language.
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    Great Sirs, to know that the memes are there in other languages too. However, in Tamil Nadu, the BJP party is made up of three superb comedians, one of whom is a dame luck Union Minister, who spends more time roaming Tamil Nadu, than he stays in New Delhi, at tax payers' money. This fellow never talks sense. He is totally cut off from the mainstream realities. The lady Chief of BJP Tamil Nadu unit, is comedian number one. Though we do have some memes about others, they are few and far between. For instance, Stalin, who was the former Mayor of Chennai city, had done commendable work in some so many areas and was instrumental in developing Chennai so beautifully. All IT developments can be traced to the DMK's role. That is why he still commands respect.

    The BJP is a big zero, and its strength is zero in the Tamil Nadu Assembly. With Rajnikanth for company, it can hardly make any impact.

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    Are we discussing politics or memes in this thread? I am really confused!
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    ABSivakumar, as the author of the thread, you (along with the editors) are responsible to ensure that the responses do not deviate from the main thread and that being the case, do make it a point to stick to the topic of discussion.
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    I am although bored with few of the real-time comedians but still I enjoy much of Congress President Mr. Rahul Gandhi and the CM of Delhi, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. By the way, they don't require any mimicry artist as they are self-sufficient with context to our entertainment. All other minor characters moved around Mr. Rahul Gandhi. The list would become long now as they have planned to get unified so as to defeat the current BJP government in the center for the 2019 general election. So the biggest comedy is yet to take place and perhaps has started with the situation in the Karnataka Assembly.

    But why we are discussing this? The heading doesn't correlate in context of the subject matter and we are getting more diverted.

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