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    Why they have this duality of nature?

    I had many friends since my school days and many more were added subsequently when I was moving from one place to another on transfer of my husband during his active service life.

    I got many opportunities to interact with different people belonging to different places and during my interactions with them, I observed their nature and behaviour. Though the majority of them were the normal folks but a few of them made me to think as why they did like that.

    These special ones had a bad trait of backbiting people on their back but many of them could never figure out it as in front of them these special people were very friendly, polite and posing as the best friend and well wishers. I was a little bit shocked with such extreme behaviour in two situations. I did not like it.

    Have you anytime encountered or found such people in your circle? What is your opinion about them? Why they have this duality of nature?
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    This is extremely common. Perhaps they think that they can get away with it. I have seen it happening in a huge conglomerate hardhearted at New Delhi. In fact, it starts from the offices near the Corporate Office or in the office itself. People want to be close to the powers that be, and are always on the move. They do politics of a tall order, and get the others to believe that they are innocent.

    Backbiting is a part of Indian culture. We need to keep away from such people. We might end up loosing a number of friends, but this is fine. We need to move on. In heterogeneous crowds like the social clubs or even ladies clubs, I have heard of less politics, and the people get to learn from each other and also gain from each other, even financially. The same cannot be said of homes, where both men and women do indulge in backbiting.

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    I also agree that we should avoid such people and do not be very close to them. They can be dangerous in maligning the image and reputation of a person in the society. It is better to not have friends than having such people near us.

    In fact these people are already known in the circle for their behaviour and people either do not believe in their talks or ignore them.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I am in agreeing with the author here with the fact that the personality of human being & in context to its behavior has remained the most unexpected & most uncertain & at the same time most unpredictable of all. In the first place you will never get anyone being happy with his life & will always be found to be unsatisfied with what the life has offered to them & so in order to come over this or fill this gap, almost many of use double standard. Means, in front of you they are behave in a different way & in the background their identification becomes something else. During my school time, whatever I used to do had been conveying to my parents through the parents of my colleague. I never liked that because there didn't remain any privacy or in other words we liable to face those while many other were there.

    You see we can't help on this because the above incidence was of my childhood days but I am also facing during social life.

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    These days this type of people can be seen everywhere and anywhere. They never hesitate to backbite the people. I have seen some such people in my profession. If I am an Engineer, if another Engineer joins the Organisation under me or under somebody else and if he is getting some good re3cognition, I will start the trick. I act as if I am a good friend of him and try to talk to him badly about the seniors and others. By any chance, if the other person utters any small word in support of my statement, I will carry this to his seniors and my seniors. That will make a negative mark about the other person. This is how this type of people will work and try to become big at the cost of others.
    You will find even in your office also such people. I warn the junior employees to be careful with such people and try to be away from such people.

    always confident

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