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    What has changed after unlimited and almost free data packages

    Telecom industry has seen a very drastic change after entry of Jio with freebies of data for all. Not only the free data caused other players to reduce prices of data package but also the calling and SMS has become free.
    The end consumer has been the real winner in this fight of telecom giants and even few of the telecom companies vanishing and others merging to sustain the cut throat competition.

    This has also resulted in many negative impact on part of consumers like:
    1. More time spent on mobile than before.
    2. Decrease in concentration.
    3. Eyesight getting weak due to high usage.
    4. Pain in neck.
    5. Sleep deprivation.
    6. Anxiety and stress.

    There are many more ill effects of the same which has overtaken the advantages it gave us.
    What advantages and disadvantages members can think of the free data and increased use of mobile in our daily lives.
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    People are getting addicted to smartphones and computers. Even old people around 80 years also are spending considerable time on these phones. They are learning from their grandchildren about the various aspects of these phones and how to use the various features are also learned by them,
    These phones are very useful for communication and using our time more effectively. But these other social media activities, virtual games and chatting etc are taking away the time of many people. We should use any technological development for our benefit and for the progress of the society but we should not become slaves to these developments. But it appears the people are now dependent so much on internet and smartphones as if there is no life if these two are not available.

    always confident

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    Yes, there would be some side effects but I don't agree that this will lead to any drastic implications. I am saying so because in the starting everything looks excited but as the time moves on, new things come up replacing the previous one. And so the priorities also changes. In context to this we need to create the check points in order to monitor before finally this getting to beyond its limitations. Just look at the positive sides & you will feel happy.

    There was a time that for any important information was taking much time to reach to the concern. I am talking of letters through envelops or through postcards but now within few seconds the messages can be sent to any corner of the world. And so requesting to look at the brighter side as excess eating of even the nutritious food is not good for your health.

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    For me nothing has changed. Because I have no whats app on my mobile and that reduces fifty percent of my tension. When ever I am on desk top I do visit social media such as Twitter and Facebook including by blogs. So my eye sight are intact. I am not getting annoyed or no compliant of sleep disorder. In fact I am having perfect of sound sleep of six hours with no disturbance. As I talk less there is no question of neck pain or deviation from work. Moreover my telephone talks are crisp and short. Therefore no dragging of issues or talking same issues again and again. So I have not changed with unlimited data.
    K Mohan
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