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    What Is Inhumane According To You?

    The word inhumane was originally a synonym of inhuman, literally "Not Human". I want to know whether this concern to the brutalities or the killings of any kind of living creatures or the entities on this planet earth. Or this just limited to us?
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    If you describe something as inhumane, you mean that it is extremely cruel. But very commonly we use inhuman but inhumane is used very rarely. I feel this word will be used only when the act is very uncommon and more like an act of an animal.
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    Humane is kind. Inhumane is unkind. So,everything from not giving a seat for a pregnant woman to mutilating people alive, is considered inhumane.
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    Anything or any act which is not human like is categorised as inhumane.

    We are supposed be kind hearted and helping not only to the fellow humans but also all sort of creatures on Earth who are under distress.

    The feeling of good Samaritan and charity is a big gift of nature to mankind and we should try to inculcate it for the overall welfare of mankind and humanity.

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    According to me, inhumane is killing both animals and humans along with lack of kindness, pitiless. If you had gone through some of my recent post, there are tons of instances that always happens in NE.
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    How then the killing of animals are justified on religion basis or on other grounds?

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    Ved Prakash, the killing of an animal that comes in the food cycle for the purpose of consumption cannot be equated to killing a human or an animal without any purpose other than vengeance or anger or such negative feelings. Slaughtering of animals for religious rituals are now banned and is no longer practiced.

    I think your query as to what is inhuman(e) has already been clarified in simple terms in the responses above. To be inhumane means lacking qualities like compassion, kindness, concern and so on.

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