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    Is India developing under the leaderships of PM Modi

    As we know diffrent people have diffrent opinion about Modi government, some are happy with Modi govt. but some are not at all happy may be because they are not getting any benefits of all the schemes.
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    Modi is an able administrator and he has a plan and a method to implement the plan. He is 100% against corruption. That is many politicians including some from BJP are not happy with him. But it is good for the country. Under his able administration, the GDP is growing as expected. But there are some harsh decisions which he has taken are not going well with some people who got accustomed to the corrupt police of earlier rulers. India will go to a better position if he was again elected as prime minister for the second time also.
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    I have already listed many points during previous submissions & I don't know about why we still got the doubts. There was a huge cry due to rise in fuel prices but since last twelve days the prices have been reduced consistently but no reactions now. The problem is we don't want to evident of the changes & so few are made to complaint & they will continue to do for rest of their lives.

    I don't know about who else that others are planning for their PM candidate in 2019.

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    Ok for a while let us think that present PM Modi in incompetent and failed to keep the promise of common man. But who is the alternate leader who can finish the unfinished agenda of Modi. Surely non one else. Rahul Gandhi is unfit as he does not know many things and has to learn lots of things. From Opposition there are many contenders but no formidable leader to match to the stature of Modi. Moreover the foreign relations enhanced by Modi has to be carried forward and for which those leaders must recognize our leaders. All this make Modi the most sought after PM to be elected once again no matter dissent voice would shout at the high.
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