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    Mimicking Of The Handicapped! Why So & Why This Is Not Objectionable?

    In most of the movies, in order to put some light moments the actors are asked to perform the Mimicking Of The Handicaps. I don't intend to list here but do you feel this shouldn't be objectionable. If supposedly that I am a deaf& I see someone else mimicking this with different facial expressions then for sure I would be hesitant to come out in the public next time.

    May be, till the time something experienced by us personally we don't get the importance of it. This is not the case with me but is the case with each one of us that we keep on pretending without understanding the consequences that others may hesitant to speak of.

    Don't you feel that any kind & by any way this should be stopped or got to a certain or specified limit so as not let others may feel the bad. Pl. comes up with you experiences & ideas.
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    That is true. There are some very good movies in which these otherwise challenged person has shown as a hero or heroine in many Telugu movies. The famous director's movie Sirisirimuvva by K. Visvanath showed a dumb lady as a heroine and the character was elevated to very high extent showing that these handicaps can never stop the people in achieving things in the life. So there are some movies showing them in both the ways. But definitely making fun of some people's handicap to create fun among the people is not correct and it should be condemned. We should treat the other person the way in which we want to be get treated. This is the bottom line for anybody to understand. If somebody makes fun of you, will not you get annoyed? The same will be the case with other persons also/ We should not miss this fundamental point in treating the other person.
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    No one has the right to belittle the living style of other person and no one has the right to criticize or mimics the handicapped person. Many a time Kamala Hassan has done the roles of handicapped and even aped their movements. Those who are blind, physically challenged. mentally challenged, should not be shown in bad light and that will hurt them. The censor board should see all these aspects before passing the movie. Because for the handicapped persons there is no organization or the people to speak so government and courts should stand for them and safeguard their rights.
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    The handicapped or people with disabilities are also part of our society and movies or for that matter any work of art being a reflection of the society, I don't see anything wrong if a character in a movie is portrayed as being disabled. I don't agree with the author about the use of the term mimicking; actors will have to enact their roles and in doing so there may be some exaggerations which we need to understand and recognize. (Leave aside characters with disabilities, can you imagine a jailor like the one enacted by Asrani in Sholay? Or can you, in real life, accept a single person thrashing ten people and come away with no injuries?).

    I agree that certain forms of disabilities are used by the creators for the purpose of comedy but then I don't think anyone will disagree when I say that there will be a humorous side to people with disabilities too. Let us not forget some classic movies that have been made on people with disabilities.

    I think we should once again start approaching any work of art as just a piece of art and must stop questioning creativity on whatever grounds unless it exceeds the limits. Let me also add that I am talking about the case in India.

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    Here, we do find two different sides of a same coin. I am in favor of artistic work wherein the work closely observes the ground realities & helps us to surface about the problems & concerns of those sections of society.

    But just opposite to it there are works which not in any way related to the problems & concerns of those sections of society. Instead the works comprises of just about the entertainment & money having the motive behind it. Take for instance, myself is weak on some ground & on this weakness the stage is prepared & acted in order to make others laugh & make more money. How this can be justified then?

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