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    In future will drones threaten the jobs of many people?

    Do you think the introduction of drones will lead to more unemployment? Will jobs like those of reporters be fewer?

    Now a days most of the news coverage are done with professional movie cameras and also still photos. But not all the channels can reach the spots which are risky to life and dangerous too. For example, human beings cannot cover the wild forest fire or the on coming cyclonic storm or the floods. In that case drones are used which can go to great heights and have the birds eye views of what is happening and that will give fantastic news reporting. So, perhaps, the future seems to be bleak for news reporters as over usage of drones will make them jobless.
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    When there was a development of computer technology everyone started thinking that this computerisation will make many people jobless. But we have seen more employment opportunities have come and very good developments have taken place in the field and job potential in thst field have increased. If one door is getting closed another door will open up. If more drones usage comes employment opportunities in those lines will increase, You may be requiring more equipment and we may get more jobs in that field. The alone drone can't do the entire job and to observe and make a report manpower is required. So it is good that technology is increasing and people will have the much better quality of videos and news. let us not get disappointed and welcome the technology developments with a positive note so that our quality of life will go up.
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    Instead I do feel that the employment opportunities will get shifted to more advance level. As rightly pointed out by DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao, we had the same fear of the Information Technology as well but later on this found to be efficient & productive too.

    The concept of drones is different & is required for capturing videos from any location & could be very much helpful during war times as with this we can transmit the information without losing any human life. For instance, with drones we can go inside the territory of the enemy country & can have the idea of inside location & accordingly can make changes in the strategy. So it's good from any point of view.

    The only thing remains is to keep on updating ourselves or else we are liable to complain to the rest in the future.

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    As of now the drones weighing more than 250 grams takeoff load require permission from the Director General of Civil Aviation. Apart from commercial use, they are very useful for nature photography hobbyists. The DJI Spark and Tello are available for purchase online also.
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    In recent Telugu movie promo also drones were used and other video graphers on ground were made stay put at one place.
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