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    Have you eaten this South Indian delicacy called Aappam?

    Different localities in Tamil Nadu and even the entire South have different dishes, more particularly, Vegetarian, and these dishes are simply superb in taste. One such thing is what is called Aapam, normally served with one chutney and coconut extracted milk.

    The Kanyakumari District of Tamil Nadu, and Nagercoil town in particular, are very famous for this delicacy and it is a variety of dosa, though the ingredients and the methodology of preparation are totally different. The vessel to make the Aapam is also different. It is available in most vessel shops in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

    Of course, I do not know if it is available in Karnataka or even in Andhra Pradesh/Telengana. I really wonder what it is called there, and whether the people know about it.

    If you do not know about it, please do visit Chennai, where many hotels serve it. It is found in every hotel in deep Tamil Nadu, anywhere South of Madurai and in Madurai city itself.
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    I have taken 'aapam' many a time with 'chutney', but I am afraid I can't say I like the taste. I thought it is a breakfast item of Kerala, but now I have learnt that people of Tamil Nadu also relish this item.
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    Aapam means circle I guess. I am a tamilian but Tamil is a tricky language. Uthappam tastes amazing. Idiappam tastes quite different. But I never tried Aapam. I know few restaurants in Hyderabad that serve authentic Tamil cuisine. I will at some point of time encounter an aapam and taste it.
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    Aappam or Vellaiyappam is also prepared at village homes in Kerala. The batter needs fermentation to come as a smooth and soft product. Earlier people used to use toddy in homes where it was not a taboo.(Then it was referred as Kallappam or aappam using toddy). At other homes they use coconut water adding it to the batter overnight and keeping it to ferment properly. Nowadays people use yeast and soda powder for fermentation smoothness.
    It was mostly a 'naadan' or local item. But nowadays aappam has found ts way into urban eateries also. However still they are sold more at the wayside eateries. They market it as 'aappam -stew' combination menu.
    Nowadays even non-vegetarian dishes are served along with aappam and it has git good demand from people.
    The item is made with rice and thus full of starch which can give energy for those doing physical labour, and also with suitable side dish it becomes nutritious also. Aappam by itself is not heavy on stomach.
    I is now popular as fast food, packed food for lodge residents etc.

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    Appam has a strong centre and weak edges. It is a tasty dish to eat with coconut milk & sugar. It also tastes good with chutney. Few like to have it with Sambhar too. I like it. Appam is a food of Tamilnadu and Kerala. Most keralites eat appam with chicken curry in the fast food centre.
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    Appam is the sweet delicious wada like item which is prepared during the festival of Avani Avittam , that is thread renewing festivities which falls on the Rakhi Purnami day. Since it is the sweet item, it should not be taken with chutney or anything else. But there are other varieties which carry the word of appam along with it. Utha Appam which is the glorified variety of dosa with added items like onion and carrot pieces. And at the Chennai Railway station canteen Idiappam is also served and I have seen North Indians coming to Chennai would eat that first and then leave for their further destinations.
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    Aappam, Vellayappam or Oothappam, all stand for the same. The usage varies from place to place in Kerala. This item was earlier served in small tea shops in country side in Kerala. Now this has become delicacy in cities that too in large hotels.
    Aappam and stew or aappam and kadalakkari are two combinations generally seen. Non vegetarian hotel serve aappam with egg roast or egg curry too. Famous Indian Coffee Houses (a cooperative venture under the Indian Coffee board) serve this through their outlets spread over India.
    Idiappam is different one which is cooked on steam like Iddli. In the preparation of this the rice batter, with less water, is pressed through a shutter with small holes. Thus the item comes out as a bundle of thin wire, which will be kept in three or more layers as Iddali is prepared. Then steam is allowed to cook the content. With idiappam also the same curry combinations suggested for apps can be used.


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    Idiappam and appam are two different dishes. Idiappam can be called as south Indian rice noodles. The shape of appam and idiappam are different. Idiappam can be of idli size or dosa size or any size that we desire. The idiappam noodle size can vary from o.5 mm to 2 mm. Idiappam is purely of rice only, whereas appam needs to be added with coconut water or toddy.

    Uthappam is entirely different from Idiappam and Appam. Uthappam can be matched with Dosa, a thick variety of dosa.

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    Uthappam, idiappam and aapam are three different dishes. Idiappam is made of rice flour and again there are two varieties in it. In AP we call them as appam. One type of appam will have a sweet in it and another one is made with a little chilli powder. Base material in both is rice floor. This is a special dish made for festivals and functions. Aapam is basically a famous dish in Kerala. They use fresh today. I was having a Keralite as my colleague and I used to send him from my known sources the fresh tadi and he used to make this aapam It is more like a dosa with this ingredient. Uttapam is basically made of rice flour or black gram flour. It will be a thick item and a little less in size than a regular dosa. This is generally eaten by all Telugus in the nights as their dinner.
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    Aappam is very tasty and I like it very much. In Andhra Pradesh, available at few places only. Idiappam and Puttu are Kerala breakfast items. Once I had to search for them in Kerala as I wanted to have Kerala traditional breakfast. My sister prepares them occasionally. She has the necessary utensils for them. I like all these items.
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    Appam a sweet dish prepared in A.P. for festivities and ritual ceremonies. This sweet is prepared with rice flour, jaggery and coconut powder. This sweet shape is like regular vada but it is sweet in taste.

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    This thread has triggered mention of some similar and related snacks items.
    Let me give some clarification here:
    Appam :(variants : unniappam, neyyappam)- is a sweet. It is prepared by grinding soaked white rice and jaggery. It is then fried in medium of oil or ghee. The staler variety is called unni appam. In Kerala the bigger variety is is prepared in many temples as a nivedyam offering by devotees.

    AAppam: The topic of the current thread is acutally Vellai Appam, because it is white in colour. However in practice it is pronounced as AAppam(with an elongated 'a' at the beginning. This is made from grinding rice smoothly and fermenting it overnight or adding fermenting agents..The method of making is unique. The batter is made into easy flowing consistency and is poured into a greased deep kadai or similar vessel. The vessel is then moved in a circular way to spread the batter as a thin layer on the outer edges and thick at the centre. When the item gets cooked, (water will evaporate) it is taken out without roasting the other side (unlike dosa). The cooking time is relatively less and hence is suitable for roadside eateries where people throng. Unlike Dosa batter Aappam batter does not have black gram or udid.

    Uthappam & Dosa: They are more or less similar, but differ slightly in their thickness. Dosa is relatively thin and more in diameter,Uthappam is thicker. As Dosa is thin in hotels and eateries it is rosted on one sid only. But Uthappam is roasted both sides.

    Idiappam : It is also made from rice, but is like noodles. The batter is pre-cooked(half) by roasting on a Kadai. The pre cooked lumps are then pressed and extruded through special extruder vessel with plate having suitable sieve holes on it. The noodles shaped item are then steam conked and served with suitable side dish or chutney etc.

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    The equivalent for Appam in English is Cake. Idiappam means Thunder Cake. Idi means thunder and appam means cake. Unniappam and Neiappam falls in this category. Appam and Aappam are different things. Uthappam, Vellaiappam, Karuppatti appam are related to Dosai.
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    Yes, I have eaten aappam, both in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. I have always had it served as a delicacy in people's home. I like to describe it as a version of a dosa, the physical only difference being that aappams are thicker in the centre and thinner towards the edges. They are prepared in a shallow wok or kadhai like vessel.

    I have eaten them with coconut milk as well as with chicken stew, on a number of occasions, but never ever liked them.

    I personally do not relish them and prefer crisp dosas, if given an option. Dosa with mulagapodi powder and ghee is something that I like if there are no other accompaniments to go with it.

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    Thanks for the post

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    When I was posted in Chennai I had this dish a few times though personally I preferred Dosa, Idli and Uttapam over it.

    Anyway it goes well with chutney or even sambhar. I have relished it with lemon pickle also.

    In North India it is not a commonly known dish as people there are only aware of Dosa, Idli, Vada and Uttapam.

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