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    Historic Trump-Kim Summit underway at Singapore. World expects peace from two leaders.

    Ever since US President Trump has announced on May 10th that he would meet the North Korean chief Kim and sort out the differences, the expectations of the world population was on their summit at the Singapore being underway. For US this meet is important as it would Iron out differences and also promise to get rid of nuclear arsenal. And on the Kim part he wants total assurance from the US that he would continue as the leader of the Republic of North Korea for ever and his life would be fully secured by US.
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    This summit is going to be a turning point between the two countries for their progress and good relation with each other. The US is ready to give Korea full support if they are ready to go away with their nuclear weapon programs which are threatening the whole world with respect to their safety. Earlier once the USA got ditched by this North Korea. So the US doesn't want to get ditched again. Now the US government is having people at the implementation level to see whether Korea is completely doing what is agreed. SO let us all hope good sense will prevail and a good decision will come out of the summit making the globe a better peaceful place to live on.
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    The collapse of the G7 summit a few days ago is the real threat and the trade wars are going to escalate due to enormous geopolitical tensions. In this backdrop, the US-North Korean summit or photo meet means little apart from the temporary satisfaction that we would have two nuclear powers sitting side by side for some time rather than racing against each other.

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    But there seems to be fear factor also on the part of NK which is now at least agreed to sit and discuss with US.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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