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    Yet another accident kills two small kids and ayah

    Yesterday, in Kochi an accident took the life of two kids and the maid servant looking after kids. It was an accident in which a playschool's van fell into an unused pond. These children were being taken to their houses from the play school. There were eight children in the van when the van plunged into the pond. Residents of the locality rushed to the spot and rescued five kids. The Aayah who was helping to save the children could not save herself. Two children could not be saved. One who was saved is admitted in a nearby hospital. The driver also is admitted, who also helped in saving the kids.

    It is reported that the van was in over speed mode and skid to the marshy pond side when moving aside for another vehicle.
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    It is sad but we can't help it.

    There are unknown accidents taking place throughput but few got highlighted. The problem again which is on safety grounds. But there is always one "BUT". Who to blame?

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    This is purely the carelessness of the driver. When he is taking the kids back home and that too in a busy place why should he go with a high speed. When he is giving way to another vehicle he might have slowed down. But he has nor done that. of course, he also got injured and he tried to rescue some kids. Now he can't bring back the lives of the Ayah and the two kids. This type of accidents are increasing. The bus conditions are also important. Many of the schools go for a very old vehicle which is not at all in good condition and they never bother about the maintenance of the vehicle even. This attitude of school management and drivers should change to reduce the accidents involving school kids.
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    Very sad news in deed. There has been numerous accidents in which school buses were involved and the precious lives of children were compromised. What I feel that school buses are not maintained properly and the fitness certificate issues by the RTA is managed. And the character of drivers are also to be questions. Having taking small children they should drive slowly and carefully and not with speed to meet the urgency. Moreover on every bus the phone number of the school must be mentioned as in case of rash driving the on looker can call and lodge complaint with the school management.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The District or state transport offices should cancel the licenses of reckless drivers immediately. They are putting many innocent children's life in jeopardy. Road accident happens because of carelessness of drunk and drive cases. In many cases it's all the same. Drivers should refrain from getting drunk while driving since it is more likely they put others life in risk.
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