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    Do you approve your son's "let go" Sundays?

    The present generation is a very pronounced modern, yet, happy, and relatively free generation, who want to live life on their own terms.

    This does not go well with fathers or mothers, now in their sixties. They do not like their daughter-in-laws waking up at 9AM and their own son's waking up at 10AM. They do not like their "night outs" at bars, on Saturdays, far beyond 1PM either.

    The son merely orders breakfast from Swiggy or some biggy. Lunch comes much later at 1PM or so. Money is never an issue. I saw, a few weeks ago, a father not liking this behavior at all. He was strictly told by the son to get his mother do the cooking, but not for him or his wife.

    The elders grumbled, and did ventilate a bit of their anger. However, they do realize that times have changed. Indeed change so much.

    How about you? Do you approve these "let go" Sundays? How about even a thought of some counseling? Will it work at all? Or is it best to just shut up and go our own way?
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    "You don't know dad". this is the word uttered by children. It is because of the present day education and technological development. Children learn more from the medias like Television, internet, facebook, TV, magazines etc. The advice rendered by parents is like blowing the horn into the ears of the deaf.
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    We must admit that the time is changing & as this used to be different during the previous generation & so this will again be different in the coming future generation. As the children are grown-up, they are more aware of the changing world because of their hands to the latest of gadgets which the previous generation wouldn't feel comfortable onto. So the time has come to treat them as equivalent to us.

    Adding, that we too are expected to get adapted to the changing scenario. In fact, no one likes the interferences & so is the case with others including us.

    And so till the time the child was still small you were the parents but when they coming to your height then it's good to change the relationship too. Be friends with them & enjoy the life.

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    We are from an orthodox family with many rules and regulations regarding customs and habits. So our brought up is a little different. The same trend continued with my two sons also. I never put a restriction on them or they never go beyond a certain limit. By both, the daughters in law will be with my wife by 7.30 AM and they get ready by that time. They help their mother in law in her household activities. By both, the sons are employed and they also are having very good habits. They get up early and perform pooja in the morning with me or separately. As you said once in a while they like to go to a movie or like to eat outside which I never object. We generally go together for such times. They never had the habit of smoking or drinking. So my experience with the children is different. But I know there are some families in which seniors suffering from the attitude of the children. What to do, we have to compromise on certain issues when we have become old.
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    Yes the son in many homes are dominating and the mother or the parents has to listen to them. In one of my relative house, the boy is the medical area manager and has lots of tour programs. The daughter in law is the house wife but likes more outside food than the routine ones. And they have one small child besides elders at home. On daily evening the daughter inlaw comes late in the evening after attending her aerobic exercise and getting the child from the school. Invariably they are accustomed to the hotel menu in the evenings thanks to the child insistence , there is no cooking done in evenings.
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