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    How come that “Honesty Is The Best Policy”?

    If I say that I don't feel the need to be honest than would you agree with me in this context?

    To be very much honest, so far I don't get the importance of being honest in my life. People feel good about me but I am still struggling for a better prospectus in professional life. In fact, others feel that I am a weak & so often becomes the soft target for others. This is not happening always but still more often. But since the time I have changed my attitude of being honest all the time, the whole world has changed.

    What I have observed is that, others don't have interest for us but instead & on the other hand the others keep looking at you in order for them to make use of you for their jobs. We need to understand as early as possible that we are living in a very professional environment & for even a small mistake, only you would be held responsible.
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    Yes, Sir. Please do continue with this honest path. It is fine if you have trouble all the way. This can happen to the dishonest guys too. Since we, as human beings have always compromised on principles, almost ninety five percent of the people do not feel ashamed or lost that they have already compromised whatever they hold sacred. However, we will always gain in the near to medium term and also the long term. Once we get the pain out of our head and just cling on to whatever we do, we will always be safe. Responsibility always comes with a huge cost. Yes, we will be tired. Yes, we may face too many trying situations. Yet, if we come out of all these, we would have reached our goals.

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    Honesty is different from efficiency. Both go together you will be an excellent guy. But unfortunately in the corporate world and professional life people who are honest to their boss rather than work will shine more than the people who are honest to their work. If your boss like you, even though you are not that efficient also you will flourish as you are honest to your boss.
    Many people who mind their work and target to complete successfully and honestly within the time frame will be in the second line and the first liners will be the spoons of the boss. I witnessed this in many organisations. If someone thinks that you are a little soft they will try to overload their work on you and any mistake they will make you responsible. If everything is well they will be getting the benefit.

    always confident

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