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    Hidden agenda of the Opposition parties for 2019 General Elections

    No doubt that the opposition parties are coming up together in order to fight against the BJP or the NDA Alliance but then would there be any development or growth agenda for them?

    Or is it that their own complications will lead them to nowhere - as is evident of Karnataka Assembly.
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    The present-day target of all political parties except BJP is to grab power from BJP. I feel whatever happened in Karnataka is for the good of BJP only. Now in Karnataka what is happening is being observed by all over the country. The way in which the two parties are going we all can understand that they can't go together. From this episode, the Indians should understand that these coalitions are to grab power and they can't run long together because both of them are not having any common agenda and they don't have any interest in the state or country. When two parties are there this is the show, if more parties come together what will be the rate of survival and how long they can go. If this message goes across the public they may favour BJP instead of a combination of various parties. If really there is coalition government they have to concentrate on protecting their power than thinking about the development of the country and the progress of the people.
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    Let them play as much divisive game as they can. Fortunately, now more and more people from all caste, region and community can undertand these self-seeking politicians and their so-called liberal followers. They don't bother for the integrity of the nation and welfare of the people. These leader and their followers will be thrown in the dustbin of history very soon.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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