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    How I am believed to be a secular if I am biased already having a selective approach?

    If we go for the meaning of the word "Secular", then I have come up with an understanding which is, "not connected with religious or spiritual matters".

    But since long or say since the time of our independence, our political leaders have been into appeasement policies or say in another words that they have been selective in their approach in order to lure any specific belief so as to get their support during the election time. So in this way they are all biased for their selective attitude.

    I want to ask that, why then they claim themselves to be a secular when they are already working for policies for a specific community or a group or for being biased already?
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    They say they are acting like that to save secularism in India. they say some people are getting neglected and other people are getting benefitted. That is why they are helping the people who are getting least benefits because of their religion in the country. But the actual matter is to get votes from them and getting a victory is their aim. But no one knows the real meaning of secularism. Why should they ask about religion and caste in the application ib a secular country? How long some part of the society will go on getting the benefits for the reasons which are not correct. In fact, we say we secular but politicians making merry under this badge by making some people as scapegoats. A guy who secures 995 marks will not get a seat but a guy with 45% marks will get a seat. he will come with his father ina Benz car and get admitted and go back. No one can save this country except GOD.
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    We all know that India is a secular state which means that Govt sees all religions with same way and there is no special consideration for any specific religion. So being secular is our national policy and has been well manifested in our constitution.

    Now any person whether he is a politician, executive, beaurocrat, businessman or student is free to choose his religion and also equally free not to follow any religion if he wishes so.

    Now religion is a matter of personal choice and if a person says that he does not believe in any religion, it means that he is simply atheist and nothing more.

    Now if a politician says that he believes in secularism, it simply means that he wants to abide by the directive principles in respect of secularism in our country. Whether he is telling this earnestly can not be ascertained until unless we see his practice achievements in this area.

    The politician, like other people, will also not discard his own religion. Individual religion has theoretically no connection with state secularism. The people in power should not be biased for their own religion in a secular country and should not extend any benefit to the persons belonging to their religion. That is the essence of following secularism in its right spirit. If they are not following like that then they are cheating the countrymen.

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    Spirituality is totally different from religion. Religion tries to dictate and spirituality makes one understand himself. Do not club these two.
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    That is what the main contention of conflict between the BJP and Congress. While BJP though says that it wants supports from all the sections of people, largely its votes base were from the Hindus. Likewise for Congress its appeasement policies with Muslims are just white washing method and in general the Muslims are never benefited with wrong reservation promise from Congress regarding high percentage to Muslims. But the courts would stay on their orders and thus during every elections the Congress used to make promise but never had the guts to implement. So no party is secular here.
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    "I want to ask that, why then they claim themselves to be a secular when they are already working for policies for a specific community or a group or for being biased already?" That is the crux of the matter.
    In Indian political scene 'secular' has been given a new interpretation practically. It simply means 'anti-Hindu'. We would regret that and wish 'secular' in the real meaning is practised here.

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