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    Is it right to join the Govt. of India as Joint Secretary without passing UPSC?

    The Govt. of India is conducting a recruitment drive to hire candidates to be appointed as Joint Secretaries for various Ministries. Is this the right move, without any kind of entrance exam for the candidates like UPSC? Join in this in-depth discussion.

    Is it the right move on the part of the Govt. of India to recruit candidates as Joint Secretaries directly in 10 Ministries from the open market without them having knowledge of the aspects of bureaucracy of India? Share your views.
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    I think nothing wrong in it. It will give some encouragement to the people who look for a change. It will definitely bring in a new change in the bureaucratic approach of the officers in government employees. The people coming into these posts will be seniors and who have done an excellent work in their earlier roles in the private sector. They may bring that corporate culture here in this government system also. Definitely, it will become a good point for the people and corruption in bureaucrats may also come down. I feel it is a very good move by the government and more and more such changes will bring more transparent governance. i welcome this .
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    Sir, i am agree with your view that the govt. will get the updated talent, but what when any lobby promote their candidate or some one join to affect the govt. policies with ill motives to get benefited ? as it is a tenure post for only 3 years.
    Om Prakash Mishra

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    This point is to be taken care of by the government in interviews and selection procedure. But I genuinely ask a question how come a UPSC qualified candidate also can't affect the government policies with ill motives. You may not believe when we were making rounds through these government offices for getting a simple licence what are the hardships we faced from these so-called joint secretaries who came from UPSC only. I feel the people who will join directly to the post with a background in the corporate sector who are never exposed to any corruption and who will simply go by the policies laid down by the government are not going change overnight and affect the government policies and that too they are not final. Ministers and principal sectretaries are there to oversee the workings of these people. W e should come out of certain boundaries and allow the chnage to take place. I don't think a joint secretary can't change the government policies so easily.
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    The lateral entry to the post of Joint Secretary is not a bad idea. This will help in attracting experienced and talented professionals to the service. The appointments so made should be purely on merit basis but not with any other motives.
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    In my opinion, this decision is perfectly fine. This hiring will definitely involve eligibility criteria. The positions for which the recruitment is going to be conducted are important sectors such as, economic affairs, agriculture, road transport, shipping, forest and environment, civil aviation and commerce and also financial services. This will be a great opportunity for those people who aspired to join Central government job but were unsuccessful and entered into some other field. They don't need to write aptitude exams to prove their ability as I believe the recruitment process will involve verification of their previous work experiences. I am pretty sure after recruiting people, the Government will have plans to provide training to them. So, I don't see any issues with this and welcome this idea.

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    The notification has clearly specified the terms & conditions on all fronts along with the profiles to the Eligibility requirements, stating that, "this is a lateral entry recruitment drive to hire experts in various fields to bring in unique ideas to governance" & would be reporting to the Secretary / Additional Secretary in the Ministry / Department. Given the Eligibility requirements, is not easy & will have to face the competition & so for sure in no case the candidate would be picked up from the open market. But instead they would be highly expertise in their own areas.

    I do feel that, in order to attract more better possibilities of open ideas this step has been taken. Adding that they wouldn't be independent but would be working under the surveillance of their supervisors.

    It's a good initiative & so let's wait for the outcome.

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    What irked the Modi government that PM and Ministers advise or orders are not followed seriously and consistently , hence there were complaint galore to which our PM took it serious and wants to recruit the secretaries directly through the ads. Moreover the post offered was just joint secretary and one need not worry about the the government trespassing the rights of those who are eligible to be JS through seniority. The Joins secretaries would be under control of secretaries who are recruited by process. Therefore what the government has done during on the eve of election time is on expected lines.
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    Sir, thanks for your expert views but it is also said by the spokespersons of the ruling party, that such moves is already exits in system, then why it could not became popular ? You may also guess any such examples for our knowledge.
    Other question is that if such talanted people do not want to serve the Nation or the Government is not able to attract them even for 3 years short tenure ?

    Om Prakash Mishra

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    In principle, I do not find anything wrong in the move.

    But what has to be seen and taken into consideration is, are there sufficient people in the current system itself who can be promoted o the post. Will this recruitment affect their promotion chances and career path? Is there a big gap between availability of such eligible officer s from internal system ?Is there any immediate emergency of need of experienced loint secretaries or is there going to be a sudden vacuum in the immediate couple of years?

    I am only worried about what will happen in future. Once set a tradition, this will continue, and slowly the UPSC will lose its significance.One by one subsequent governments, under political pressure will dilute the eligibility criteria and civil services also will become political posts. It is that I am afraid. Civil service by and large is unbiased unless they are under some real pressure. That unbiased and independent nature will disappear. As late Indira Gandhi said,'civil service will become a 'committed bureaucracy who may crawl when asked jut to bend'. God Forbid.
    As of no I am not convinced about the urgency or necessity of the recruitment, unless the requirement is for deep and thorough specialisation technical posts. But if it is for general administration, then that causes worry.
    Moreover in future the business private sector will have its people in administrative positions apart from policy making legislatures.dictate government policies. That means they will be deciding and implementing whatever they like. Slowly the government also become a division or undertaking of a big corporate house.

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    I can't support this move. First and foremost, this move would not cause any problem in the promotional avenue of Government officers, as these are newly-created additional posts. So, the objection is not on this point.But the newly-appointed Joint Secretaries will have to be imparted long-time formal and informal training to make them fit to work in Government machinery. It takees a lot of time to understand Allocation of Business Rules, Transaction of Business Rules, joint responsibilities, single responsibilities , delegation of powers and various other rules. To work in this set-up initially as Joint Secretary (a very senior rank) may not be that easy.
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    It would be quite immature to say that the persons appointed through a lateral entry mode in higher positions in various Departments of the Central Government should be routed through an entrance examination conducted by UPSC. The Joint Secretary level post is a HAG level grade and all the officers drawing the Grade pay of Rs. 10000/- p.m as per the 6 CPC would fall under this category. Thus the appointments committee of the Union Cabinet could have approved the borrowing of expertise fulfilling the eligibility criterion as notified in the said advertisement for the additional set of posts identified for various departments. It is a common phenomenon either to take directly or on deputation basis and not a first time of its kind. Even the Civil Servants related to various allied services and organised accounts departments would be considered for a period of minimum three years and not exceeding five years under Central staffing scheme which are generally held by the IAS officers in various capacities. Unfortunately, every action taken by the present Government is subjected to a CCT scan and highlighted as if deviations have taken place.

    Also, don't think that the entrants through UPSC only are knowledgeable and experienced. Even though an experienced officer recruited through UPSC, when transferred on a new assignment, would take some time to settle down to understand the new environment. It is not a big deal and they (the designated JSs to be appointed as per the announcement) too can deliver the goods better than the present incumbents.


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    Mr. Patro: What about the system? I know many such cases where experts from private sector couldn't function in the Government system, rules and regulations. There is every possibility that this would happen in this case also.
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    This is to be noted that any candidate being selected for the particular profile would be specialist in their respective fields & their expertise would be observed at the time of the picking of the candidates or during selection process with the condition involved.

    So this is basically created in order to get the consultancy from the best so as to renovate the mechanisms for greater efficiency & more output.

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    I once again went through the article by Vandana which the author was mentioning in this thread and I don't find anything new in this which the Government has adopted to select eligible candidates for appointment on deputation. It is a regular process and we can come across such advertisements in the Employment News regularly. Further, the invite of applications from State and Central Government officials itself indicates that they need qualified Group A officers either from state administrative cadre or central services who occupied such positions through UPSC or State Public Service Commissions. Even the PSUs like NTPC, HAL, SAIL etc would induct their initial officer cadre such as Jr. Manager/Asst Manager which is a feeder category for the hierarchy through a rigorous selection process. Thus I don't think it would hamper the smooth functioning the Government offices as they are well versed with the working system by means of their experience.


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    Govt has already got a lot of qualified people through the UPSC selection criterion and once you have people already available for that post there is no point in hiring them directly from other departments either laterally or directly.

    I do not know what is the compulsion of hiring these people when you have already a handful of such qualified people from the prestigious institution like UPSC.

    I believe that if political leaders are honest these secretaries can not do anything wrong or practice corruption of any sort. It is unfortunately the top side of pyramid which is creating all sort of problems in the system and the 'Babus' are manupulating things and passing on the benefits to the powerful people above.

    How hiring the people directly will solve this problem is a baffling proposition for me.

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    In fact there is a strong lobbying and party affiliations inside the IAS cadre and that makes them go slow or non cooperation to the government orders and programs. In the past also during NTR regime , there was a tiff between IAS and the executive because all those years the Congress was in power and the officers were habituated to their style of functioning, and when NTR took over and brought some sweeping changes, there were dissent. The officers were not even allowed to sit in front of him and that much power he had over the IAS cadre and that irked many and thus non cooperation.
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    Mr. Umesh,

    What could be the intentions of the government for this deputation?

    Take for an instance wherein one individual has been retained by a department in order to look after the departmental jobs. Due to long time association with the department, the person is aware of almost anything in context to the activities, the problems & the possible solutions. Which in other words the overall job performance is satisfactorily completed.

    Now, what if the expectations come up to do more the resources we already have. The one way is to train the whole staff including the department head of the changing trends & the other way is to depute someone who is already the proven specialist in his area with good management skills.

    If we are able to choose between the above options, then possibly the query has been resolved.

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    Very good. It is right to hire new talent. Because sometimes in exams (like UPSC) new takent is failed to rise. So, accoring to me it is very good.

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