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    Will the TMC President accept the TRS President as PM?

    The elections for Parliament is fast approaching. Many thoughts and surveys and different views and equations are in the pipeline. Now all the opposition parties want to unite with a single point agenda of dethroning BJP from power. Different opposition parties are meeting and discussing the various options. Some people talk about 3rd front and some are talking about a federal front. Nobody knows what is going to happen finally. But I always get a doubt that if this third front or the federal front gets the majority and has to form a government, can they come out with a common PM candidate? Whether the TMC President will accept TRS president as PM? All these big people in the same basket will aim for the big post. So, will they be able to arrive at an agreement? I want to know the opinion of the well-learned people of ISC.
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    The self-seeking leaders are trying to form an alliance (please note the word is 'trying') because they are mortally afraid of Nareendra Modi-led BJP. They think that BJP Government would try to open the secret box of corruption of the individual leaders and make them irrelevant in India's political arena. They can hear the political death-bell.

    If by any chance, they can form an alliance and come to power they would start fighting like cats and dogs. There is no doubt about it.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Please note that National leaders who were in politics for many decades wont allow new person to don the chair of Prime Minister. However KCR has the niche to create a turn around during elections and might bring greater change in votes share. If he gets all the 18 Lok Sabha seats and Both BJP and Congress could not muster the magic half way mark , then the third front parties would be on demand. And how come the author has conveniently forgotten AP CM Chandrababu who is aspiring for PM post and giving way to his son Lokesh to don the AP CM post. But if the luck plays huge role. KCR may get the chance of PM post.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    "But if the luck plays a huge role." - this line from Mr.Mohan's response would speak everything. What about Deve Gowda? Had Dr.Manohan Singh dreamt of becoming PM to serve for 10 continuous years? Did I JK Guijral think while swearing as an External Affairs Minister that the man who was making him the Minister in his cabinet would be paying the way for him to become next PM? Or, the then Scientific Advisor to the Defence Minister Abdul Kalam never imagined that he would be the next President of India.

    All the above are bitter facts and all the individuals have reached the position by accident and due to the prevailing political scenario in the country at that time. So, anything can happen in Indian politics.


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    #639082, does that mean that the Modiji led NDA at the center is keeping the secret box of corruption intact to be used as a weapon in times of political crisis? What stopped them from opening it all these four years? Much has been said about anti-corruption acts by the center but what has actually been done? Coming to the quoting of the word 'trying', let us accept the fact that all political parties and leaders do actually only keep trying till the voters exercise their mandate. I am sure that even the BJP or Modi and Shah combine will not be 100% sure of a victory this time around.

    If there is a political crossword going on in the opposition camp, I am very sure that things are not very different in the NDA camp too. Equations, permutations, and combinations can change any time and we will have to wait.

    I personally feel that it is too early to discuss anything related to the 2019 elections as of now. Let us be patient. Hope our members will understand.

    'He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.'- Elbert Hubbard.

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    There is an old saying-" when people try to defeat you in the majority, think that you are progressing upwards. This is the sign of success." This is what is been seen in Indian politics now. However, my personal opinion is "you can measure your life with the number of friends and Success with the number of your enemy."

    As far as Indian political history and PM is concerned, we know exactly how long Mr Deve Gowda, Mr Guijral and Mr Chandrashekhar had held their PM chair with the support of Congress party. We have seen the musical chair and political circus many a time in Indian political history and if one party Government don't come in the next General Election, be ready to have one more political Circus along with bunch of Jokers.

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    Politics, like Cricket as they say is all of uncertainties and surprises. But it is also of opportunities.
    So the happenings may belie our expectation and guess.
    As of now it is very difficult to see TMC president accepting TRS president as PM. But when the situation goes to such an extent, this or worse after this, then people may come to any compromise to exploit the best favourable situation. There will be haggling,bargaining, and many other methods to make situation in one's favour or at least make it against another.
    So we need not surprise i after a well planned compromise, TMS president may accept TRS president as PM candidate. Then they will rationalise it and justify it with well crafted story sacrifice and unity. This can be true of X, Y or Z.too.

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