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    In appreciation of these volunteers.

    Last week, on 5th June, the environment day, I had an opportunity to attend a function organised by Indian Women Scientists Association (IWSA) at their campus at Vashi in Navi Mumbai. I went there with one of my friends who knew about them but like me visited there first time.

    It was a nice program where we had lectures on environment and pollution, cultural program by school students, sapling plantation by the guests and members of IWSA and other such activities. After attending the function we were much impressed and were curious to know about them in details. We contacted the office bearers and we were really surprised by the volunteer work they are undertaking there.

    This is a NGO and non profit organisation and was the brainchild of some women scientists who after retiring from their jobs wanted to serve the society in some novel way. The members of this organisation are only women scientists but many other persons are also associated in their activities in one way or other as non-members. The office bearers are not paid any salary and they in their spare time actively participate in the activities of the organisation.

    The main thrust of this organisation is towards helping the students of poor classes in the society and they conduct regular coaching cum guidance classes for them. The interested members of IWSA teach these students. There is one general purpose laboratory also in their campus where practicals related to various subjects are also demonstrated.

    They also have a day care classroom for the poor and downtrodden where the students are given full day care and also are provided meals etc. These students also take part in many general activities of the organisation for environmental and scientific awareness in the society.

    In addition to this they arrange lectures in schools and colleges in nearby areas with the help of volunteer teachers and school administration. These are regular features in their program calendar.

    Their headquarter is at Vashi, New Mumbai but they have few branches in other places in our country. They get some donations from the prospective donors and sometimes also get Govt aids for carrying their work and are managing the things voluntarily and professionally.

    After seeing the good work of these women folks I was much impressed and expressed my desire to voluntarily give lectures in their programs in schools and colleges whenever such an opportunity is given to me. I also thought to share this unique experience with my fellow members in ISC so I am submitting this thread for their remarks and comments.
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    Wow what a nice effort and equally very good participation from the volunteers without expecting any salary and the NGO seems to be ahead with success in imparting education to the poor students and needy. In these days of earning for self and that too not leaving any coming opportunity it is difficult to find people giving their time to such kind of useful ways to the improvement of society and from my heart I appreciate the efforts of every member of that NGO who are selflessly helping the other students to get on in their education endeavor and that needs to be applauded.
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    The younger generation is showing a lot of interest in activities as mentioned by the author. Everywhere in the country such good activities are taken up by the youth and non- government organizations. It is good for the society. We can encourage them by directly involving as volunteers or as donors.
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    That's a great initiative started by the retired woman scientists. More and more people have been participating, and the activities will spread further to help the needy people. I really like that the author is also joining the activities of the group. Best wishes to his new endeavour.
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    I am very much impressed with the initiative taken by these retired women Scientists. The works they are doing are very good and much useful to the society. In Hyderabad also there are many retired DRDO scientists and other scientists. But I never heard about any such activity by these people. If a chance comes I also want to extend the support in any way I can contribute to the poor people. I feel the Senior Citizens of the country everywhere in India should take a leaf out of this idea and think of doing something good to the society so that the poor people in the society will get some encouragement in their lives.
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