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    What would I do if I am being discriminated?

    The current situation in North East India is terrible. I don't want to mention the details in brief as it might trigger unexpected things. I personally want to blacklist two states namely Nagaland (Nagas) and Assam (Karbhi Anglong). On the top of this, tribal wars happens all the time.

    I am from Nagaland and my parents are from Nagaland and Jharkhand. My mom is a native citizen of Nagaland. I look like Naga and I am worried to venture or set off for better job opportunities elsewhere in Uttar Pradesh since my sister will be left all alone in the world if anything goes wrong. The major reason why I felt doubt is because of the past instances of snatching many innocent lives by Nagas in Nagaland and Assam people. A Naga girl accused innocent non naga and Dimapur people defamed him and took his life without knowing the sad truth. There are many news that trembles me whenever I ponder to move out from Nagaland to seek jobs.

    80% of the native population of Nagaland are employed in Government institution. They don't have to worry about jobs. On the contrary, I am amidst no where to seek for job. Fortunately, a friend of mine is working in Uttar Pradesh where she gets good pay. I am also planning to move out.

    Can you suggest me some safety tips and tricks, how to, to's and don'ts so that I may avoid and remain alert if suspect anything unusual. Also suggest how to get help if anything goes wrong with North East people.
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    I think you can go to Uttar Pradesh if you are getting a good job. As long as you are minding your work and not going for arguments and fights nobody will worry about you. When you are planning to shift to Uttar Pradesh you can plan to shift your sister also with you. Already your friend, a female is there working. So regarding the safety, you need not worry. But follow the following few points.
    1. Mind your Job and advise the same to your sister also.
    2. Don't make friendship or enmity with any controversial people.
    3. Don't try to go to any place where there is a mob and some dispute is going on.
    4. Be careful while talking to unknown people.
    5. Don't make any unwanted remarks against any religion or caste in public places and in the offices.
    I think if you follow these points you can move on without any problem anywhere in India.

    always confident

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    John, having observed you right from the time you joined this site, I would suggest you to start thinking positively. I remember that most of your earlier threads were almost on the same lines as the present one.

    You must understand that each individual has different characteristics and capabilities. It is for you to think positively and to try and identify your potential. Blaming a system for the situation you are in does not actually help. Having been in Nagaland for a long time during the early years of my life, I am quite aware of the ground situation there. But I am not able to understand your point about discrimination. You being a half Naga yourself and having been born and brought up there must be knowing the traditions and culture peculiar to the region and we have no way other than accepting the same. I agree that Nagas may be given priority in government jobs or for starting enterprises etc but then you yourself is a Naga and so it must not be that difficult. You must keep in mind your educational qualifications and other qualities in mind and must try to seek an avenue that suits you. Finding excuses and putting blame on others may give you some instant relief but that does not help in the long run.

    And about finding work in other parts of India, let me tell you that your fear is unfounded. Other than some singular instances initiated by anti-social and uncultured elements, I don't think there have been any concerted efforts from any side to sideline people from one part of the country. I remember that even during the period I was there in Nagaland, the people there used to be wary about moving out of the state; the farthest they would prefer to go was Guwahati.

    So my advice is that you must shed away all inhibitions, come out of that prejudiced mentality and be bold enough to face life as it comes. I hope you still have that friend or sister who volunteered to help you with your language and to post good contents in ISC. Speak to people like her and they would be able to help and guide you. Feeling dejected for a long time is not a positive sign.

    John Deo, break the shell and come out, spread your wings and fly!

    'He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.'- Elbert Hubbard.

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    In India and in many cities there is no domicile issue and the people are living happily drawn from other states. So what I mean that it is the attitude which matters. If we have the guts to manage where ever we live with our available resources and not involving with other affairs , one can stay at any place. We in Hyderabad come across people from many states living here happily. The main problems comes with the local language the accent you speak. Some times the accent brings wrong meaning to the locals and thus gets annoyed. So where ever you are, learn the local language and live for yourself.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Sometimes I can feel your innocence in your words. Even earlier, you have posted what you thought without caring much about what others will think or feel about you.
    Don't you think this is what you have the biggest plus point in you? And this is what will make you different from the crowd.

    You are a young person and I can understand what going on in your inside mind. However, let me tell you something and very straight. I have been away from home or my hometown from past 24 years. Working in different cities and different culture. As per my experience goes people from the Northeastern part gets loved and respect from all part of India. There is nothing to get worried about it. But again, it is up to you how much you can adjust to different culture and people.

    I would not deny about the discriminate, it will be there in all over India for every part of the people and not only about the northeast part. However, this is what makes our country incredible. It is for sure that you will have to work hard to get identity a personal identity. That you can get only by showing your hard work, your good character, your honest approach. Once you create your own identity, it will not be tough to adjust to any part of India.

    Finally, I will only say that "if your time is tough, become tougher". This is the only mantra, you can survive in this world. Now, this is the time and opportunity to show yourself to the world, show it.

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    Thank you Dr. Srinivas for highlighting important points. I am just a silent person and refrain from debating with close or anonymous people.

    @Saji Ganesh, from the time I was born and learned to grow up without parents, I always thought positively. On the other hand, sometimes it really discourage me whenever I hear inhumanity news. Thanks to you for the encouragement. A friend of mine is leaving for UP at the end of this month. I should better change mind and go with her since jobs are very rare and populations of unemployed youths are gradually raising.

    @K. Mohan, thanks for the input. I appreciate what you have said. I can speak Hindi, Bengali, Nagamesse, Assamese, and Broken English. However, learning a local language from the first place will be intriguing. That's sounds very good.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    Thank you very much @Jeet Singh. The reason behind my anxiety is that I have never travelled outside North East. In addition, you can assume that I haven't been to many places even in Nagaland. Travelling to other five sisters states is out of touch and way beyond my expectation.

    Maybe, I should not listen to absurd rumour about what people said.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    I have been to North Eastern part of our country and stayed in Assam for quite some time. There are some local problems and people have some sort of anger against the various Govt in past that those Govt did not do much for these states. Whatever be the reason, these states have not developed to that extent as many other states have done.

    There are many businessmen from other states who are doing very good business in North East and are almost settled there.

    Now if you want to come out of there and want to search a job in UP or other states, you should not have any fear in your mind as today our country is almost like a cosmopolitan place and people from all the states are seen working in other states. Only in the interior and village parts you can find a differentiation otherwise in big cities there is no distinction or disparity anywhere.

    If you want to search a job then you can consider big cities for it as there are a number of job prospects there which are not available in the small towns or villages. If you are ready for a teaching job then you can consider the small towns also as there are a large number of educational institutions in even the small towns.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    No worry, Life is the biggest teacher, it will not only teach you but show you the way to forward ahead. Everyone has their part of the struggle in their life, you are no different.

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    Here we are witnessing another horrible instance of discrimination.

    I want this to be notified to all those who still feel that our past political ruling by another parties, the so called the secular political parties has done well by keeping themselves as unbiased to the people of this country. I don't know that for how long we still required understanding of this fact or we are just happy that this is not happening to us. But if we keep on with this attitude then someday the numbers will be of ours & the rest would be watching us as a news headlines.

    I feel sad for Mr. John but he is not from a religion or a community who doesn't stand as a vote bank for the political parties.

    It's easy to give safety tips but the decisions on spot would be completely different. Still, I would want Mr. John, to increase the list of your friends & keep in touch with them with social media with having good contacts in your mobile data bank.

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    Ved Prakash, can't you please desist from spreading negative vibes? The feeling expressed by John is nothing new and is an offshoot of the way they have been brought up. Please do not bring politics in all issues.

    John, be brave and move forward. Your fear of discrimination is not totally unfounded but that is a fact everywhere in India and even across the world. Let not that few percentages decide your destiny. It is on you to take yourself forward. UP, Bihar, Bengal or Kerala, you are an Indian and has every right to look for means to make a life. Be aware and be ready to question when you are wronged. All the best my friend!

    'He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.'- Elbert Hubbard.

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    John, Nothing to worry. "Present fears are less than horrible imaginations".
    You are imagining too much. Probably this is because you do not have much experience of moving out away from home. Don't worry. By more experience and exposure that will go.

    The world is still good. It has some bad elements too,but that is very minimal and good is more. Expect that we will have only good. You be what you are. Local people can understand that you are not from that place. But basically Indians are good hosts. They treat their guests nicely. From your side you should not have any kind of bias or discrimination. Keep your own identity and habits with you.But behave as a nice human being and friend to all you come across. You need not unnecessarily poke your nose in unnecessary matters. Be normal. Be a normal human being having normal communication, positive attitude and minding your matters. Do not enter into unwanted arguments blaming or accusing or finding fault with others. Co-operate and mingle with the local native people.
    You can have a very good normal life as if you are in your own place. Most of us have experienced life away from native village and we had all nice experience. It is only with more exposure that we are made as mature human being. You also will be so.

    Best wishes.

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    Dear @Ved Prakash, is this some kind d of sick dream? I started this thread because to educate myself about how people feel for North East people.

    The recent brutalities in Assam, Nagaland, Uttar Pradesh and Dimapur is horrible. It all started with a "FAKE WhatsApp" absurd rumour message that was being forwarded from one user to another and became an international news resulting in killing two innocent Assamese lives .

    If you're the aware of that recent news, you might want to watch a video by Dhurv Rathore: where he clearly elucidate that it was a fake news spread in North East, UP, Bangalore and some other states in India. Some people took a pictures of innocent people and blacklist them as a human trafficker, rapist and kidnappers. The mob without knowing the truth, brutally killed those guys just because they received a whatsapp fake message with the picture of those blacklisted them as trafficker.

    Some states in India there are Mob lynching now and then because of those absurd rumour messages. People doesn't event want to authenticate whether the news is genuine or fake but they just go on taking lives of innocent and that should be avoided in India.

    Some states like Nagaland, Assam and UP, people need to be educated more. Just ponder this, it can happen to anyone. What about if someone took a picture of me tagging me as a terrorist from China or Nagaland and that message is being forwarded to host of what'sapp users, then I will have to face the consequences of mob lynching and to DEATH.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    Don't worry, you won't be discriminated. Lakhs of people from North-East are staying in Delhi and in the National Capital Region (NOIDA, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad). Same is the case of Uttar Pradesh. 99.9% people are either supportive or don't have any issue. Only 0.1% people of criminal nature cause problem to others.

    Why do you think about 0.1% people? Think about the remaining 99.9% people. Think positive.

    (I have deep respect for Naga people. The Naga soldiers working in Indian Army belonging to Naga Regiment and Assam Rifles are respected all over the country and feared by the enemy at the border.)

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    @Partha, thanks for following up. I'm inclined to agree with you. However, "Already Staying", and "Going to set off for better job opportunities as a newbie" has a huge differences. I know there's a lot of people from my state are working in Bangalore, UP, Delhi. They have good contacts with people since they were staying in this particular place for an average time.

    On the contrary, considering the present circumstances I am bit worried to venture elsewhere because I might put myself in jeopardy.


    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    No. Whenever a person comes to a new place, he/she remains alone. Contacts, in most of the case, are groomed or developed. It doesn't exist.

    26 years ago, I came to New Delhi Railway Station with a bag and a holdall. I didn't know anything, anybody in Delhi. Only I had an appointment letter in my pocket. With the help of people of Delhi, gradually I have settled here. This happens to all new settlers. You will also settle in Uttar Pradesh. Then you will visit your native place every year, once or twice.

    Don't worry. Everything will fall in place.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Constitution of India says:
    We the people of India, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic, Republic and to secure to all its citizens: Justice, social, economic and political
    Liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship. Equality of status and of opportunity and to promote among them all Fraternity assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the nation The state shall not discriminate against any citizens on grounds of religion, race cast, sex, and place of birth or any of them.

    After 69 years of adopting this Constitution, today, a Gentleman from North Eastern state coming to our Forum and saying that 'I am discriminated' means what?
    We must conclude that the Indian National Congress Party which ruled the above mentioned states for so long years couldn't even hold the Indian Constitution.
    Do we need safety tips and tricks to live in India? It is a shame on the people those who voted for this political party…
    I appreciate Mr Ved Prakash (# 639245) for his bold response

    I love chocolates and ice creams!

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    To what I have said is nothing wrong but is the fact.

    More often we have watched & read about the democracy of India in danger, that no one is safe & that there is a mob lynching & indiscrimination throughout & that the minorities are afraid for follow their religions & so on but when I went through the various submissions here then I am bit confused that if it is not the case then what we have been discussing since long. It's not me but these are the quotes from leaders of the big political parties including the Congress Party.

    I being an individual am not responsible for all these but by all those whom we don't want to understand.

    I am sorry but I don't want to make it political but at the same time I am bit concern about Mr. John that initially the post made us feel of the discrimination side but later on I got the reply as few incidences resulted of "FAKE WhatsApp". In my personal view the discrimination & the few incidences resulted of "FAKE WhatsApp" are two different concepts.

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