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    The flower sellers and their smiles: lighter moments of life.

    They are dime a dozen everywhere. Most of them work part-time. Still, they do brisk business. It is very hard work. But they earn just about enough to compensate for their drunkard husbands, for the drop in income or the rapidly eroding value of money.

    Yes, they are our flower sellers. Literally, ninety-nine percent of them are women. They sell jasmine, roses, and other varieties of flowers normally worn in most parts of Tamil Nadu. I have not seen much of that in the North of India. I really do not know.

    Jasmine flowers, when worn by young ladies, particularly in Tamil Nadu, and Kerala, in temples, gives it a very spiritual feeling. The flowers need to be plucked and then tied together with threads. These threads are now very costly. Hence, there is some increase in price. But in places like Srirangam in Tiruchirapalli town, you can still buy it for about ten rupees for a hand's length. Perhaps they work on volumes and since the transport cost is minimum, make around one hundred or one hundred and fifty rupees every day. To buy from them are simply lighter moments in the evening.

    They are good guides too. They can give us useful tips and most are kind to strangers. They are good and honest people. They work as servant maids or cooks and double up as flower sellers in big cities. In smaller cities, they sell flowers both in the morning and evening.

    How about your experience ( that is, your wife's experience ) with these humble people?
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    The author has put up an interesting write-up elaborating the routine set up and other conditions of the flower sellers.

    In fact in some areas they have become a part of our life and if we do not see them in that fixed place we miss something.

    Once when I was travelling in local train in Mumbai I saw two women carrying flowers to a place which was about 7-8 stations ahead. In Mumbai it means a time gap of 30-35 minutes approximately.

    They sat on the floor near the rear wall of the compartment and started threading the flowers in that small place and by the time they had to get down they had already prepared a handful of small garlands for sale.

    Many passengers were observing their craftmanship and it was amazing to see how nicely they were managing their time. That appeared a big lesson to us.

    Sometimes we can learn big things from these people.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The problem remains is the harsh competition of which these rural workers or business persons are not aware of. They are with their jobs in a routine way but not having a catching eye to the artificial ornaments giving them a huge competition. I am of the opinion that the local welfare committee or the organization should come up for them & make the process systematic so as to let them prepare of the competition & at the same time reduce the costing. The brand AMUL is the results of such revolution & so it does look possible.

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    it is true we find many flowers are ladies only. Mainly near the temples and bus stands, we will find many. In Andhra Pradesh, in some places, I have seen gents also selling the flowers by going around the villages on a bicycle in the morning. These people earn very less. But once you go and purchase near a nursery or garden, we will understand how much cost they are adding up without any value addition expect coming to the villages. I have seen the rates at the nursery and in the village. The material costing one rupee near the nursery will be sold in the village for six rupees and near the temples ten rupees. So they get a better rate than the producer. But daily sale may be less and hence returns may be less. But the rate is increased many times. Now the nursery business is very encouraging and they are exporting flowers and plants also to other countries.
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    The flower sellers are in the heriditory business and thus from their childhood they are practiced to net the flowers in such a way that within minutes a beautiful flower garland would made and that would attract people . There are innovations too in this garland making. One rows, two rows etc. But in between the flowers there is scent emanating leaf bunch called dhavanam which is very sacred for the Gods. And instead of jasmine Lilly flower is used widely along with the Chamanthi or the chrisantimam flowers to enhance the looks. Some colored roses are added in the rows to give better shape.
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