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    Have your children glued to new courses too

    Most parents, in most parts of India, are not alive to the superbly new opportunities available, through new courses. For example, there is this new course called B.Sc Visual Communication, available in most colleges of Chennai and other Tamil Nadu cities. Of late, this superb course, that opens up careers in media, in film direction, script writing and event management, has attracted a huge number of students from all over Tamil Nadu. The world-famous Loyola College, Chennai, was the first to start this course.

    Such job-oriented courses are available in fine arts, interior design, fashion design, graphic design, photography, music, and in tourism, to name a few. There are specialized courses available in event management itself. The list is endless.

    Depending on your child's aptitude, you will do well to get them know about these courses and even join these courses. May be, these courses are available in other cities too.
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    In today's world the internet provides a wonderful platform in order to get the information of any kinds. If you want to read or if you want to see the videos, everything is available 24*7. With smart phones & well connected network, the aspirants can easily find the appropriate path to move on.

    The author has rightly pointed out that the opportunities are endless but we need to keep in our conscience that the courses & technologies are no more having a long term prospectus but getting outdated soon & so there is a need of updating ourselves as well.

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    Yes. There are many new courses these days which are more job oriented and skill devel0ment topics and they will have an edge to obtain a job. These new courses and their details with job prospects are available on the internet. Many children know more about these modern courses more than the elders. so as a parent we should give top priority to these courses as they are very useful in getting a job with good pay.
    Because of the wider popularity of this internet, many people know about all the improvements and developments going on around the globe. I say this is a positive development

    always confident

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    Having the craze gone for Engineering and other main courses. the parents and children are on the look out for the alternatives so that they get good career prospects after the completion of the particular studies. There are courses like Journalism, animation , visual effects which are connected to media and movie productions where the new talents are always invited. In Journalism also there is a dearth for talent and many channels are looking for news anchors, reporters and cameraman. All these jobs are highly paid and has the good rapport in the market. So it depends on the parents and children to chose.,
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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