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    How to cope with people with failing memory?

    Share your personal experiences on coping with people with failing memory so that others in the same situation can get some useful advice.

    Some people lose their memory due to some ailments or accidents or old age. In many cases it is the partial loss of memory and these people forget especially the recent happenings.

    In any case, if any one of our family members gets this problem, it becomes difficult to manage him as he will be forgetting things and will not be in synchronization with others. Many times he is to be taken care and given food and other requirements by other person who has to monitor him on 24/7 basis.

    How to take care of such persons? Can members share their experiences?
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    This is called the Parkinson disease, that means the person would loose the present memory and recollect all the past memory much to the surprise of family members. Even my mother in law who had this disease and when ever I visited her, she questioned who I am , where as she was seen gladly sharing her childhood memories of Sri Rangam and other places. But this loss of memory is not the permanent feature. They come to normalcy after some hours and when we ask them for the rare behavior, they would deny or just laugh. So we have to adjust with them and there is no other go.
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    We have to see that the person will take food and other requirements regularly. We have to see that he will have his medicines on time and he will not go alone anywhere. If in the house somebody can be with him, it will give a better satisfaction and he may recover well. But it may not be possible for the house members to take care of him all the time. These days there are Organisations we will supply manpower to be with the person and take care of him 24X 7. I have seen in Hyderabad such organisation. They will depute a person and the person will take care of the old man and be with him all the time. They render good service. Sometimes they take more care than an own person. We can take their help for monitoring this person. It is a little costly but affordable.
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    Failing memory is a broad term. As long the working memory is being forgotten it is no big deal. Brain tends to delete the working memory to save up space and energy just like a RAM. But if the long-term memory is getting damaged or is getting misshapen, then the matter is very serious, because most of the relationships and teachings are stored in Hippocampus, the place that store long termed memory. Dementia is where we lose our memory and it has many forms including amnesia and Alzheimer's, which are pretty dangerous to have.
    As we age we have fewer brain cells, and the existing neural networks too get desynchronized. Such elders must be taken a good care. Their brains must not have stress. Stress makes you forget more. So keep such people stress-free and help them out in their chores.

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