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    Small children playing on roads: how to ensure their safety?

    Very often, we see very small children between two and four years old, innocently playing right in front of their houses, while their parents are immersed in TV serials. Oftentimes, the poor old grandmother would shout from wherever she is seated to a particular child, not to cross the road.

    The children are always children. They play and for them to pick up a small ball from the middle of the road is all that they want. The rash and heartless two wheeler romeos who try to impress college girls, simply give these children a damn and drive so fast. Many children get hurt.

    Who would ensure their safety? Why can't we have some sort of barricades, beyond which children cannot go to play? How about children-friendly parks, at least two kilometers away, where they can easily play whatever they want?

    We, as citizens should do something about this. The question is : how?
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    First of all, why should the children play on the road? Secondly, it is for the parents or other elders at home to ensure that the kids are safe and don't move out to the road while playing. Small kids should not be allowed to be alone while playing outside; they need to be controlled, supervised and taken care of. If a parent can take his child to a children's park, I am sure he can do away with his/ her TV shows otherwise too.
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    I think we can't make barricades etc to stop the children coming on to the road. How many streets and how much height and what about the expenditure. It is not a viable solution the parents should take care of their children. they should have their gates closed or doors closed so that the children can't open the door and come on to the road. They should sit with them and explain to them the difficulties he may face if he is going on to the road and see that these people will not run on the road. The vehicle drivers also should be careful when they are travelling in colonies and from the roads where there are many houses. Especially people who have their houses in a very busy road should be very careful with their children. The vehicles will be running from both the sides and some vehicles will be very fast and controlling them in time will be difficult even to a good driver. SO parents should have their eyes always focused on these small children who don't the evils of this traffic.
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    It's practical to think on using "barricades", but where are the spaces. In rural areas we can have the open spaces but in context to cities we are left with no choice except to take care of our children in front of our eyes.

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    It is the duty of the parents to made know the importance of road safety and road signs to the children when they are in kid stage. My son used to ask me so many questions while going on the road and I would give him reply patiently. He asked why the Zebra crossing is laid and why the lines are named after Zebra. Such kind of questions also bring from us the creative answers and thus the children learn about traffic and problems. Once they know that they behave sensibly on the roads. And while walking on the road and while crossing , catch hold the child so that every one crosses without problems.
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