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    Do you agree to the statement of Mr.Amit Sha-to see Acche din require 25 years BJP rule?

    Mr. Amit Sha, the President of BJP in a press conference to a question stated "to see acche din it takes 25 years continuous rule of BJP" as stated by Times of India. In the past also Mr. Amit Sha in press conferences denied the promises made by BJP, the election promises as 'election jumla'. BJP in 2014 election campaign took the tag line 'Acche din'. This became superhit for BJP in 2014 elections. So the statement given by Amit Sha indicating this tag line also put into cold storage by BJP. Do you think it need 25 years to show Acche din for people?
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    1. As a student of science, I believe in comparative analysis. I do know that Congress started ruling India in 1947. The population was around 30 crores. It ruled for 30 years till 1977. It did some developmental work.
    2. From the functioning of current Government, I can easily surmise that if the present ruling party continues ruling a population of 125 crores for 25 years, the development paramenters would improve much faster than the improvement in parameters during Congress regime.
    3. The name of the leader is Shri Amit Shah. We must learn to write the names of leaders properly.

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    I always say that running a train which is on rails is an easy task. But bringing derailed train on to the track and making to run and then picking up the speed will take definitely some time. So we should give sufficient time to BJP also to prove its efficiency. But we don't have that much patience. Fron day 2 we want miracles to happen. I think it is practically not possible.
    But I feel 25 years may be too long. If they come to power in 2019 by the end of the term we should see a noticeable change. That is what we should expect. It is a practice in India for all the parties to make many promises and afterwards forgetting about that conveniently. So we need not isolate the words of BJP present President only. If we go through the records such promises made by many previous leaders are still waiting for completion.

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    See a good and positive beginning has been made by this government to give best available resources to every citizen and for which some long term plans are underway. So to reach the achhe din mode the government has to be given time and that will pave way for more development in each citizen too. And expecting too much from a government within four years is also too much asking. And we we take the Congress rule, it has done six decades and the progress of the country and people is same. Therefore at least give one more term to this government to see the results of first term.
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    Dr Rao, doesn't the analogy of the train running on the tracks apply to the Congress also? Are we not aware of the condition in which the Britishers left India? Let us not turn a blind eye to facts. It is the Congress that has taken the derailed train onto the tracks and started running the same. The BJP had been in power in between and so had been the Janata Party and many others, though for fewer years or may be shorter terms, but we still enjoy blaming the Congress. And did the Congress lead the country backward? I don't think any normal and logically thinking person would say so except for mere political gains. There may have been late runnings and derailments in between but the Congress/ UPA did not compromise the interests of the nation. The present government under Modi took up the driving seat just when the train was running a bit slow and all they had to do was, if not to increase, to at least maintain the speed (which they are trying by changing tracks without waiting for signals). And if they need twenty-five more years to do the same, I think the voters need to become wiser as they select their candidates on the EVMs! As Sri Amit Shah had already accepted the election Jumlas of the BJP, do we need to still keep believing their promises which are yet to fall on the lines?
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    Mr Saji, I never said Congress has not done good work or I never said that Congress is responsible. I said that system is derailed. All earlier governments may be responsible for that. We have given time to Congress more than 20 years for seeing the country developed then why can't we give at least half of that to BJP. Manmohan was PM for 10 years. Let Modi also be given at least that much time. Why we measure his performance from the beginning. This is what I want to impress. Congress is good and done excellent work. Because of that only Now India is progressed so well. So give some time to BJP also and see that they will improve upon the development so far made. Why we should be so impatient with BJP.
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    Take a comparative study here of India & Japan.

    India got independence in the year 1947. Back on August 6, 1945, the US dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, killing about 140,000 by the end of the year, out of the 350,000 who lived in the city. Three days later, a second atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. Almost everything was demolished including the infrastructure & the economy. But now look where we are?

    When the Mahatma Gandhi already opposed to the concept of "Congress Party", after we got the independence then why their followers keeping up with this party as an identity. So in this way, don't you feel that the Congress Party themselves disregard Him in the first place.

    We are more divided than years back in 1947. We are less Indian but instead identified mainly on religion or caste terms. We belong to a certain community but never an Indian. This is what we got from the Congress party. "Divide & Rule", is what the Congress party is doing. This country is already divided on religion basis in the name of East Pakistan (Now Bangladesh)& West Pakistan, then by what means they keep on repeating the special quota for Muslims in the context of minority wherein there is no place for "minority" in the Indian Constitution. So can we say that the Congress party has remained the most biased political party for the people of our country.

    Could anyone come-up about why there is no oneness within us? If not then who is responsible for this.

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    Ved Prakash, let us not connect Indian politics with Japan. The progress gained by Japan are based on totally different grounds including merits and hard work by the common man and we need to salute them; but please do not draw a comparison.
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    Narendra Modi was not even an MP before he became the PM of this country. His experience was of a CM running the government of his state for years with some good success.

    When he was campaigning for the Lok Sabha election as an indicated PM candidate, the campaign had been to target people's wishes. Siting in the opposition most of the time and having a person who could do a lot for developing a state, the BJP naively felt that it was just simple to satisfy all the wishes of the people. But only when one wears the shoe they know where it bites. So once the BJP/NDA started ruling only they came to face many realities. They found that there is a lot of gap between promise and performance.

    Unlike administaration of a state in India, running the central government has a reality of facing international pressure and pull. Finding it at the start itself, Modi immediately started on his mission to make the international front favourable to India. We can say that he has succeeded to a great extent.But it still needs a lot to be done. So he has more tasks in this regard. Modi has a good team of Ministers who work hard, who do not have the blemish of corruption on them. They are doing well on their assigned turfs.
    However what the present government does is for the long term and not for the short term. Long term is what is needed for the country.

    But it is short term or immediate results that voters expect.
    So what I feel is that the BJP/NDA led central government is right on its track in making India better and strong, but they lacked in the short term gimmicks. They have to realise that voters will get easily disenchanted if they do not get immediate results.

    As I was mentioning in various posts on context, the government should come out with what it has done, what was the result of it, what it is doing for the immediate benefits of people, why don' t they go for such immediate and adhoc gimmicks etc. I feel that the government should make more communication with people so that the public and voters will have a clear picture of what the government does.

    If people are convinced that the government is right and sincerely doing its efforts towards making 'Achche Din' then they may wait for one more term also.
    As mentioned in #639230, I also feel that we may be seeing results by the middle of next term.

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    The author has initiated an interesting discussion and we will come across more interesting arguments in due course.

    Congress has also done many good tasks during its presence in the country after departure of Britishers from India. With time, as happens in a bureaucracy, specially a highly populated country as ours, the things deteriorated to alarming proportions and corruption became the order of day.

    In 2014, there was a BJP wave and the new Govt under the leadership of Mr Narendra Modi assured us something which we were waiting for a long time to hear. The burning question now is there are opposition forces all over the country who due to one or other reasons not happy with the present Govt and want that they should have same free hand as they had during congress regime.

    Now in such a strong opposition who is hell bent to somehow remove the present top leader from power and then run the country in its own way, who can answer the number of years required for corrective actions?

    The present Govt knows that online facilities and procedures will only help in reducing the corruption and now in many areas the people are not able to act in any way if they want to escape tax net or accumulate black money. The sellers and buyers of properties are forced to bring it in the system otherwise there are problems in transferring the same.

    It is unbelievable that we are getting our tax returns finalized and sometimes assessed in a month time. No one was agreeing for GST and now it has brought a lot of tax compliance in the country.

    A few days back I purchased some small items from a store and he gave me a slip where rates mentioned were the normal and reasonable but he had mentioned in the slip clearly that out of the total money only he was paying now some GST.

    So these are the transparencies coming in the system due to basically accelerated computerization.

    The present Govt has an intention of getting things in the track and it is anybody's guess as how long it will take to correct the system.

    Knowledge is power.

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