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    Is it a good practice?

    Many times in many Organisations the people in the powerful position make somebody a scapegoat for their mistakes. The bosses also will go blindly by the words of his person who is in the key position. The seniors will do some mistakes and when the point comes for discussion they conveniently through the blame on to the person who is an innocent guy. Finally, he will suffer. Sometimes the punishment may go up to losing the job also. When you have committed a mistake why can't you accept it and see that you will not commit the same mistake again? Instead of that throwing the blame on somebody and making him suffer is a very bad practice I feel. What are the feelings of the members on this issue?
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    In companies and organizations, there would be power transfer from top to bottom and that implies that those who are working in low level are more responsible to their seat and position because if good things happen the credit goes to immediate top boss, if bad happens the blame goes to lowest level, inquiries are ordered and even suspension, cutting salary or increments are also possible. That is what happening since many era and there is nothing we can do, Simply follow the rules, be cordial to the immediate boss and get going with the fellow employees to have success.
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    My personal experience is that this is the case of everywhere & anytime. We can't do much & at the same time we feel almost helpless. Few of the complaints are moving in the manager level & not being conveyed to the ground staff but when the matter surface with escalation to the management then blame game starts & goes to the minimum possible level & the action is taken. The ground staff don't have the communications with the management & so somehow they would be the loser.

    But there are also the bosses who are bold enough to admit there mistake & help their ground workers in their growth.

    I would suggest to keep improving your expertise & move on because we have to learn to deal with these in the best possible manner & at the same time we have to accept the situation for our survival

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    The system should be clear and not ambiguous. Then there will not be any problem.

    In any organisation there will be layers having different responsibilities and purview. The lowest layer will be the implementing or actually working segment. If that field segment works as per given or laid out rules and guidance, and some mistakes happen, then the person will be saved. The blame will definitely travel upward and reach and point to the one or ones who had laid such guidelines.But if it is proved that the person has failed to comply with the guidelines or had deviated from it as per his own, then the blames will squarely rest on him only.

    That is why it is said we need a clear cut system of well laid our instructions and job manual.
    A higher official is held on the point of responsibility of those who work under him, and not for commission of the mistake. It may be found lack of supervision, monitoring and guidance. Some may be punished for not alerting higher yups about something unwelcome slowly happening .

    However, i many cases we do not really follow the laid out rules and stipulations and become negligent or overconfident on some basis, which may result in mistakes. We only have to evaluate the risks.

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