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    Nipah virus attack under control in Kerala

    Latest news indicates that the Nipah virus attack is under control. Ten persons died of this attack in Kerala. Two are suffering from the disease, presently. However, no new cases are reported.
    The presence of this virus was first reported from Malaysia in the year 1998. During the years between 2001 and 2008, the same was reported from Bangladesh and also from Bengal in India. Now after ten years it has appeared in Kerala.

    These viruses are reported to be seen in certain varieties of fruit-eating bats. These bats are 'natural carriers' of the virus only, hence they do not get affected. But the excreta, urine, saliva, etc. will spread the virus. Dogs, cats, pigs, horses, goats, etc. get affected through them. Through these animals, it can reach human beings.

    In 1998 the disease appeared in Malaysia, which was due to pigs. The disease appeared in Bangladesh from the bats through the toddy collected from palm trees.
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    Ever since the Nipah virus broke out, the central government has taken positive actions and thus the virus has been stopped in Kerala itself without spreading to other states.
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    In Kerala the actions to contain the disease were taken by the State Government itself
    and even from outside including the WHO congratulating messages are reaching to the Medical team and the concerned State minister.


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    It is good that the disease is under control. Thanks to State Government as well as Central Government for the actions taken. It is very pride to note that WHO is sending messages to the Medical team and COncerned State Minister for the good work. Let us also congratulate them on the good work.
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    It is really good to know that the spread of this deadly virus borne disease has been contained. Thanks go to the dedicated teams of doctors, nurses and other mdecial professionals.
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    It is really a great news that our medical personnels have finally able to control and contain this deadly disease and now things are under control.

    Nowadays some of these diseases, which have no particular medicine in the market and are teated on symptomatic reliefs and external supplement support, can become extremely deadly as these viruses are clever enough to change their stain time to time and before the scientific community can evolve a mechanism to protect the human race, they will do the large scale harm.

    If such diseases spread in a large population then it becomes very difficult to contain them and soon the whole of the human settlements come under its spell.

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