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    How to fight the depressive phases in life?

    Life is a continuous struggle to achieve our goals and fulfil our dreams. Whether you work hard or do tremendous efforts to bring results to your actions there are some instances in our life when we feel dejected and lost in this crowded and highly competitive world.

    It is always told by our elders and guides that we must maintain a positive attitude in our life and face all the situations and circumstances bravely and courageously. Still, there are occasions during our struggle when we feel that we are not able to progress the way we had planned it. It is human nature to get dejected due to such poor outcome of our efforts and sooner or later a depressive feeling of not ale to perform starts to reside in us. This may be a temporary thing and depending upon the inner strength of the individual we may come out of it soon but it eventually halts all our action and thought process for some time.

    Do you also face such moments or time in your life? What do you feel about it? How to go ahead and what in your opinion are ways to put the momentum back in the life?
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    Always inculcate the habit of receiving the good and bad moments in life. That means when we are going through the good phase of life we would be showing positive vibes and also mingle with others in the joking way. Like wise during the trying time do not let others know that you are in depression. That itself a good behavior. Because face is the index of our mind and if we show bad face to the others, we would gauge that you are in trouble. And by the way many gets solace and also happy when we are in trouble. That is the tendency of the human beings. So try to be normal in good and bad times.
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    It is good to be positive always. We have to expect good results. We should congratulate our selves for the success and we should motivate ourselves for achieving the further growth. The desire and the wish should be stronger. The stronger the wish the better the chances of winning. In this process sometimes we will get some setbacks and we should not get disheartened about that. Analyse the failure and see the reason for failure and then try again rectifying the mistakes. You will be successful. To overcome the depression we should have a positive mindset always. Getting depressed due to some negative results may be a natural phenomenon but with your strong will you should come out of that shell and try with more strength and get the positive result.
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    It is true that depressive phases come in our life time and again and demotivate us to do our actions but this is inevitable in the struggle of life.

    Even after doing our job in the best possible way there are reasons that we may not be able to get the prognosticated success. It happens and it may happen time and again. Only thing is patience and endurance. Human capabilities have no limits. It is only that we have to channelize them in proper line and results will be there.

    Stress and depressions are the two real enemies of our growth and if one can fight with them there is no way that one does not get the desired results in life. At the same time we must also understand that there are many reasons of failures also. It is not simply the lack of our hard work. When external factors beyond our control fail us we should not be unnecessarily bogged down by them as they are beyond our comprehension and approach. So why to try for moon. Be satisfied with what we have achieved so far and at the same time try to have better and better things in life without getting demotivated and discouraged.

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    I would never have believed this till yesterday when I read about the owner of Sagar Ratna chain of restaurants. He was still of 13 years of age, when he flew from the house in order to escape the anger of his father as he failed the exam. He ran to Mumbai & somehow got the job of a dish washer for Rs. 18 a Month in Hindustan Organic Chemicals (HOC) canteen in Panvel, Navi Mumbai. He worked for eight years here & due to hard work, he was raised to a Manager. He even thought of opening a South Indian eatery in Mumbai, but scrapped the idea because of too much competition in the area. And so he decided to come to Delhi & managed to take the canteen on contractual basis. Slowly he started his own business selling the quality foods on street prices. As the customers grew he made a set-up in the Defence Colony in Delhi. Now the time has changed a lot with more systematic approach & improved infrastructure.

    The fact is that we all are faced by the struggles & problems in our life & while the person got the success we tend to see the present day & with a bad habit of not looking at their struggling times. Although I believe in the destiny but somehow we are responsible for our own destiny in the same way as we are responsible for our own actions & the resulting outcomes.

    What I mean is that take a positive note & go ahead because this is what you can do. Nothing else is in your hand.

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