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    Do you like living in the old style homes?

    The old style houses have wooden pillars, and huge rooms. The ventilation comes from the roof as well, as there will be a portion of the veranda near the front hall, that is cemented with iron rods, but has enough space for the rain water to come in. The entire house is a tiled house, and the dried neem leaves are always used to keep the mosquitoes away. The sleep in that portion of the verandah, from where the fresh air can come in, is always pleasant even in summer. This is reason why the neem trees are allowed to grow right outside their open spaces inside the houses.

    Such houses, with a huge area in front, are found in so many places in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. These were supposed to be the abode of the Brahmin community, but have since been occupied by other communities too. Today, there is hardly any caste discrimination.

    These are simply superb houses. Do you like living in such superb, naturally ventilated homes?

    I do like to live in such homes, though I don't do now. I will at some stage of my life, at least for a few months.
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    Yes I like to live in the old types of homes. Why because , we would be living with the nature. The sprawling house, lots of rooms with good ventilation from top and over and above the center portion will be open to sky and that is washing area. There wont be separate toilets and one has to ease out in open. And in many villages there would be pond or the lake which serves the bathing ghat for all. The atmosphere in village would be cordial as there would exchange of tasty food made from earthen pots and thus the village life if you are habituated cannot be forgotten or discarded.
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    I stayed in such kind of house during my childhood. My grandfather's house was like that what you have explained in your post. The total area is about 12 cents and in 4 cents house was constructed with an open verandah in the centre and a small water collection pit with cemented around. The remaining area is full of trees and a well with very good water. I enjoyed staying there. Now that house was sold off and 5 or 6 houses of modern type were constructed. The look has gone now. My father in law's house is similar to that. But that was also sold off recently. My co-son in law's house was also similar. But now they got it reconstructed. That area even now we can see some such house's but slowly they are all getting remodelled. These days, especially in cities and towns we don't have such houses and our children and their children, may not know about this type of trees, I think. I thank the author for making me to remember those days through this post.
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    Mohan Sir, these days, such houses have the rest rooms built within the house, even when they retain all the old structures like the wooden pillars and so on. The NRI sons often like to blend the old with the new. So, we have houses on the old style, but even with air-conditioning. In fact, near Veppathur, a superb village near Kumbakonam, you can see a superb resort called Mantra Veppathur, which has houses built in the old jamindar style. They are called "Pannaiyaar veedu". These houses also have AC and other modern comforts as well. It is Rs.7500 rupees per day, and the foreigners like to stay in such natural surroundings and enjoy the pure Vegetarian, Brahminical food. They are taken to the numerous temples nearby. Rao Sir, we should preserve such houses or even buy one such house to show it to our children. More so, where the climate is very good and the village has a pond and such other natural surroundings. In Tamil Nadu, such houses are even today, available for around five lakh rupees, which includes the open garden space as well, in some fabulous villages.

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    Most of the people will like to live in such big and airy houses where sometimes even air conditioners are not required instead of piercing heat outside. Only thing is everyone is not so lucky and financially well off as to have such spacious places to dwell.

    I have a memory of my village house which was not very spacious but had all the ingredients of good breeze and tree shades and in summer we enjoyed the short trips to there. At that time there was no electricity, water and sanitation facilities but we did not mind bringing water from the spring and burning kerosine lamps and taking bath in open near the only spring water in the village at the bottom of a hill.

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    The above discussions bring back my childhood days. My mother's house was so large with four internal courtyards. In Kerala a house with one internal courtyard is called a "Naalukettu". A house with two internal courtyards is called "Ettu kettu". When there are four central courtyards it becomes "Pathinaaru kettu". So my mother's house was a pathinaaru kettu (16 kettu). We children used to play in these courtyards. This house was raised on two sides, west and south. Bed rooms and common halls were there spread in this floor. Again there was one more floor above this but just kept as lengthy halls, which we could use as play ground .
    Inside the rooms enough ventilations were there so that nobody felt the need for fans (of course, no electricity was available during those days). Ground floor was also spacious in different way. We used to love to stay there during vacation period.

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    Gone are the days but I still do remember the house of my grandparents in my village which is made up of mud & wooden structures. It used to be the big house having separate spaces for cow along with big garden based within wall. There was a prayer room too.

    It was a lovely experience to be in such environment. But as the time is passing the old structures have been replaced with the new one with bricks & tiles seen on all corners. May be we got more money to invest on those things but these doesn't make us feel better.

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    Sankaran Sir, the houses that you have described, can be found even today, at a place called Chettinad near Karaikudi, in Tamil Nadu. Even today, those houses are being preserved as heritage houses. A few belong to the Mr P Chidambaram family, a highly respected politician in Tamil Nadu.

    You can also see them in Tanjore and Tiruchirapalli districts. One big menace that is commonly found, according to those who live in such houses, is the rat menace. They do all that is possible to get the rats away but the tiles literally house them. I do not know how they kill the rats, but that seems to be a big menace.

    That said, the old days charm is totally lost today. Particularly ventilation. The air-conditioners that we use today, am told, are also not good for health at all.

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    The big kothis and villas will be a thing of the past in India very soon with the increase in population. Even if people can afford such kothis, they don't have time or energy to maintain such kothis. I am witnessing this in the posh colony in our neighbourhood and also in the colony where my office is located. The kothis are rapidly being converted into hotels/matchbox-style apartments because in many cases the owners are old and their next generation is settled abroad.
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    Many old type(heritage buildings) with architectural beauty and elegance are now converted into costly hotels. Some are kept protected as heritage structures. Many are getting demolished due their dilapidated situation ad the successor generation not able to maintain them due to division in the joint family structure and litigation.

    What we wish is old type houses with all modern facilities. Most old type houses used wood and mud/stones. It is not easy to maintain and repair, or construct such houses now. However now such houses are replicated by use of concrete and other modern construction materials. Those who can afford or those who have that interest now construct new houses in the pattern of old heritage houses, with all modern facilities. There are many such architects and builders who do that.

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    There are a few of the traditional houses still in certain areas in Kerala. They are scattered in districts such as Palakkad, Malappuram, Thrissur and northern side of the State. However, in many cases these houses have become locations for cinemas. For example, a building near Ottapalam in Palakkad district has appeared in more than a dozen films of different languages. Certain other homes have modified to attract tourists. They arrange traditional art forms there to attract foreigners.
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    Yes, I like to live in the old style home. These homes are very good places to live. These homes are so designed that you will not feel cold in the winter season and warm in the summer season. You will not find these types of home in cities but certainly, you will find these homes in villages or suburban areas of the country.
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    There are few people who like the old house but sometimes old house doesn't look good. Sometimes you make your home look good if you buy modern or classic furniture which is suitable for your home. Just need some interior.
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