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    What do you call tomato in your mother language?

    I was a small child. I went to our maternal grandparents' house (although I have never seen my maternal grandfather, as he had left the world much before I was born). My maternal grandmother was giving direction to the cook about the menu of the lunch. I still remember that she was asking the cook to prepare 'sweet chatni' of 'bilaiti begoon' (foreign brinjal). I was astonished to find that my grandmother was indicating tomato as 'bilaiti begoon'. I asked my mother why my grandmother was mentioning this vegetable as 'bilaiti begoon'.

    My mother explained that tomato is not an Indian vegetable. Tomato seeds were first brought to India by the Potuguese explorers. So, there is no Bengali term for tomato. The elderly people called it 'bilaiti begoon'.

    Now even in the rural areas of Bengal, nobody calls tomato 'bilaiti begoon'. Now Bengalis have totally accepted tomato. But I am inquisitive to know what tomato is called in other Indian languages.

    Respected members! Kindly let me know what do you call tomato in your mother tongue?
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    It's "Tamator", in Hindi & in the Northern as well as Central part of India. I once heard a story that long time back the vegetable "Tomato", once considered as a poisonous & so was banned for cooking for long. But once it happened that a person publicly eat this vegetable in order to show that it's not actually poisonous. I don't remember the location & the time but is interesting if in real it is true.

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    It is true that tomato is not our native vegetable. It was brought by britishers in India and it became very popular and now cultivated here in plenty. My grandmother did not take it on that pretext.

    In Hindi belts it is pronounced and known as 'Tamatar' though there are subtle variations in some areas. For example in Kumaon region of Uttarakhand state, it is pronounced as 'Timatar'.

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    In South, in almost all states it is called Tomato only. There is no other name which is used for this Tomato. But in my childhood, the same tomatoes are called Seema reegu. But this name is not used anywhere and everybody will call it as tomato only.

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    In Tamil we call tomato as "Thakkali" and in entire TN people use this word to ask for tomato, no matter even the educated will purchase the tomato with that name.
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    If you are thinking about what we called Tomato in Hindi then I guess you start your school again. Sir, please eat the vegetable from 1880 to 2050 tomato will be tamatar only

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    Thakkali is what we call it in the South. There are so many vegetables that are not native but has been given local names to suit our ease and convenience.
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    At least in South India, people have given it a local name. But in North India, people still call it 'tomato'. 'Tomator' is only a pidgin form of 'tomato'. Bengalis no longer call it 'Bilaiti Begoon'.
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    Dr. Srinivasa Rao stands for correction. Not in all Sothern States the name tomato is used. It is called "Thakkali" in Kerala too as in Tamil Nadu as commented by Mr. Mohan. But the name tomato is familiar to Keralites.

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    We Tamilians call it as Thakkali. One local variety is known as Naattu Thakkali which has the original shape, and the other is Bangalore Thakkali with abnormal shape. Naattu Thakkali is very tasty. We also have kuttai Thakkali which is very small in size. It has the medicinal value.

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    In Guntur district of A.P. Tomato used be called as "Rama mulaga pandu" by vegetable vendors and village people in my childhood times. But now a days most of them are calling as Tomato only.

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    This is an interesting group discussion where people have different views and names for this vegetables.

    We are vegetarian since 2007. I remember my mom calling this Tomato as Bengana in our Native Naga Language. However, every tribes has different name for this vegetables in Nagaland. But in Santa's language we call it Bengana.

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    In Guntur as Ramakrishna said we call it as Rama Mulga Pandu or Ramu mulga kaya. some vegetable hawkers will call it like this.
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    In our home, the tomato is called tamatar. We use a language mixture of Gujarati and Malvi which is our mother tongue. Sometimes the ladies of our community also use this word when need to purchase tomato from local market.
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