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    How far do we agree in conducting election of Parliament and State Assemblies?

    The Modi government is in favor of conducting the Simultaneous Elections to Parliament and State Assemblies. It's good for us to know that for nearly two decades after independence, polls to the Lok Sabha and most of the state assemblies were held simultaneously. The trend disrupted after 1969 wherein the historic split of the monolithic Congress led to the premature dissolution of the Lok Sabha & thus disrupting the simultaneous elections to the lower house and the state assemblies. Another factor which led to the discontinuance was the use of Article 356 of the constitution for the dismissal of state governments and dissolution of assemblies before their terms ended.

    Given the above circumstances along with the rise of local parties being not in favor of the simultaneous elections, no one gave any serious thought to it in all these years.

    Now Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has started a debate having intentions of simultaneous elections to Parliament as well as State Assemblies.

    As I have been witnessing, our country is into the election mood 365 days a year. The major problem arise here which is the lack of governance & implementation of policies which somehow may having an impact on voting. So in this way frequent elections seriously hinder decision making.

    What's your say on this?
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    Adding, that even the developed nation like the USA goes for Simultaneous Elections in every four years.

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    I always believe that conducting elections simultaneously is advany=tageous by all means. Mainly the election ex[penditure will come down very highly. the time of officials and other concerned staff to be spent on elections will come down. Another issue is the politicians need not visit the people two times. One trip both can be addressed. So it is the best way to go for simultaneous elections. The present government in the centre is advocating at a time elections in both the places. If the follow up with Election Commission and other concerned people and make it happen it will be good.
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    This topic has been discussed here and also in other social media many a time. My view is fully supporting the Idea mooted by the PM Modi for many reasons. That the mood of the electorate across the country can be gauged with one election. By staggered election the mood of the voters also changes. And mostly the cost would be curtailed at large as the elections costs are increasing year after year and the EC is not able to cope up with police force. And what I suggest that the future election be through mobile voting with Aadhaar card seeding and thus there wont be any chance for rigging too.
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    This is an absolutely stupid argument, put forward by the BJP party, for whatever reason. It will be logistics nightmare, there will be a huge amount of tension among all parties, a huge amount of black money will anyway be spent and the police and even the Army will be often called in to maintain law and order. The likes of Mayawathi, who do only backward class politics, and are as corrupt as anyone else, will do hard bargaining to at least make an impression, irrespective of her reduced social standing and her political image.

    The Election Commission has to work overtime, and the police will not do any job, in any of the States, but just dance to the tune of the ruling party, in that particular State, and the party controlling the Union Government.

    The purpose will never be solved. The common man has to forget the police for at least six months. Possibly, an amendment has to be done in the Constitution, to dissolve both the Central and all State Governments, six months ahead of the actual date of elections, and then conduct the elections simultaneously. Still, the police will have the worst nightmares possible, as there will be President's rule and Governor's rule, throughout India. The situation will be tense again.

    The suggestion is the most stupid suggestion put forward in Independent India. There will be no cost saving, as is made out to be.

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    Yes it is the stupid plan of BJP to mask the regional problems of states and in this way it planned to overhaul the regional parties. I don't think it won't happen as regional parties strongly oppose it. If both elections are held together political parties spend much more than before to buy votes to get dual benefit.

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    I don't know about how this could be the stupid idea. We thought of the same for "demonetization" & "GST" with many foul cries but now we are doing good.

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    Sir kindly note that some five lakh people lost their jobs because of the horrible manner in which the so called demonetisation was done. It was even said that the Finance Minister was against the idea. How many mandays were lost Sir? We would stand for hours in front of ATMs and we could not even take our own money. So,kindly don't say it was a big benefit. Please go to a place called Tiruppur, where some five thousand people lost their jobs after demonitisation. And did not our great PM promise from house tops that prices of all commodities and even branded products will come down. What happened Sir, after GST? Where are the prices now, Sir?

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    MR. ABSivakumar, I appreciate your concern but this thread is not about GST & demonetization. In addition, I have raised the thread separately for both as well. Pl. keep up with your responses & for sure would like to discuss on that too.

    In the meantime, you name the place, "Tiruppur". Pl. do some R&D & let us know about why the region couldn't be developed during the last 70 years that they come out from their state for looking for job elsewhere outside their state. Pl. come up with the details of more remote areas wherein they are still remained the backward even after so many years of our Independence. The Bihar & UP although resourceful but still don't' create enough jobs resulting into overloading onto the other states. Why so?

    Once myself too had lost the job & even for longer time but there wasn't any demonetization then & so who I go to & blame for this. But instead I chosen to improve myself & works for a better cause. Pl. understand the life & the situation because simply keep on blaming doesn't lead us to anywhere.

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