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    "Do you have any classmate who made it big at National or International level?"

    We have all studied in schools at primary and secondary education levels along with many children of our age group. Those were the most innocent, funfilled and enjoyable times in our life. We fondly remember those days and our friends from that time. After schooling, we might have proceeded to various branches of education and careers. There may be some of our classmates who made it big at National or International levels in various fields. It gives us great pleasure to remember them and our association with them during those school days.

    I have one such classmate of mine who made it big in the "Space Science and Technology'. He is the man who prepared the first-ever feasibility report on the "Mission to Mars". He not only prepared that report but made it a reality. We all know how the mission to Mars was achieved in the shortest possible time with the most economical budget when compared to such other missions by various countries. He was awarded "Padma Shri" in 2012. That man is none other than Dr. V.Adimurthy. He is a well-known person not only for his achievement but also for his passion for cycling. He regularly goes to his office on his bicycle only. He is now engaged in research on "Space Debris".

    Do you have any such classmate who made it big at the National or International level?
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    Well I studied in government schools and government colleges and there is no contact between the classmates so far but surely most of them are intelligent and must have created niche for themselves to which I am not aware and they are not aware of me.
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    I have done my intermediate in Government Junior College, Manadapeat East Godavari District. One of my classmate from the same college had done his MVSc from Sri Venkateswara University Tirupati. He has joined in Government veterinary research institute in the USA. Now he is the in charge of the institute and he is the country head for the USA of that department. We are in touch all these years and whenever he comes to India we will try to meet.
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    Yes. One of my colleague who worked with me for 15 years has become an MLA of a constituency in TN. But he belongs to a party which never ruled TN. Another guy whom I know from my office, became speaker of Himachal Pradesh.
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    Yes. One my Collegemate at Intermediate times became the Vice-Chancellor of Hyderabad University at present. Both of us good friends at that time. Both of us are classmates and studied BiPC group. He used to reside next to our street in Guntur city of A.P. Both of us used to play together and whenever Ranji Cricket matches are held in Guntur stadium we used to attend them without fail.

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    Though not my classmate, a college mate has become Supreme Court Judge and became well known nationally. We had teamed together in the inter-collegiate elocution competition representing our college. I met him when he came to our place to inaugurate a function, and he recollected.

    A couple of my college mates had become MLA s and ministers. If and when we get to meet in some common events, they show familiarity;I also don't try to use the college familiarity for any purpose.

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