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    Have you seen the old ladies and men, going on fast, even today?

    Those who are old, now in their eighties and nineties, even today, fast on specific days, including full moon days. There was, and is, a particular logic behind the fasting. They would go on fast, possibly to help digest the food or toxins that go into our body.

    Members, who are doctors by profession, will be able to explain the scientific reasoning. However, what needs to be understood is that there was, in those days, an economic reason too. They, our parents, belonged to a different generation. The salaries were low, and inflation was quite high. They even possibly saved a little money here and there.

    That kind of sacrifice is now history. Or is it? Do you still see them fasting? What can we learn from them?
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    Yes the elders at the house like grand mother, grand father , daughter in law and other elders if any would undertake fasting during important days. Like on Ekadasi days, or On Pournami or full moon day. And apart from that some keep fasting on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays for various Gods. My brother in law keep fasting on every Thursdays for Raghavendra Swamy and during that day he wont take even water. He has been continuing this during scorching summer too. One thing is sure, those who fast in a week even for one day , they keep good health free from illness.
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    my grandmother (Mother's mother) is 95 now. She will go on fasting on every Ekadasi day. She is practising this custom from her early days. Still, she does that. I will also do fasting on Bhishma Ekadasi and Kartika Mondays. In our house, my wife and sons also have this habit. There may be some health benefits also, I am not aware of those facts. But it will help us in getting our digestive system improved. Once in a while, it is good to give rest to our digestive system so that it will have some rest.
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    I believe! In our religion, when a person completes Oriented Theological College (The study of Bible to become a Preacher or Church Father), a person has to go for 40 days fasting without even touching the water.

    I am just not talking in line of particular religion but in every religion in India, fasting is no uncommon. People fast here for somebody's good health, healing and prayers. The eldest person I know who go for fast was 84 years old women who was fasting for her grandson for good health as he was between life and death.

    While a normal Baptised person go for fasting every three times a week.

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