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    Today is the "World elders abuse awareness day '' Give respect to elders as they deserve.

    All over the world, the elders are going through the phase of harassment of different kind and they simply take on their stride in silence. Some are physically assaulted, some are mentally assaulted and some are financially treated bad. The physical attack on elders has been on increase , thanks to the inability of the house holds to understand the needs of the elders. Likewise mental torture to elders is the untold misery for many as the children wont behave as they expected. And financial torture is some thing that the elders are forced to earn for the on going livelihood. So we must stop this and hence this awareness day.
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    Thanks for letting us know this wonderful awareness news. I was illiterate about this. Yes, I do have heard about the tortures against elders in here. This news will educate more people about the Elders awareness day and refrain from mistreating them either physically torture or mentally.
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    This is for the first time I am hearing about World elders abuse awareness day. I am glad that there is one such day. These days this community is the most neglected. Many elders are suffering. But there are people who are taking care of the elders very carefully. My grandmother is 95. She is being taken by her daughter who is 70 now and remained unmarried. These two ladies stay with my parents in my native place. Many people because of their paucity of time are not able to take care of the elders but they spend money for them. I feel more than money they wanted a hand to hold the mans talk to them so that they feel they are also treated properly. We are on this earth because of our parents and we are responsible for taking care of them during their old age. My request to all is to remember this fact and take care of elders carefully.
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    I posted another thread on this topic since I had not seen this post. However, my post contain more data based on the results of a study conducted by Helpage India. The same will help to know the magnitude of the abuse against the senior citizens.
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