How creative you are ? Make a write up using most of the computer words.

There has been many competition and entries from the esteemed members who are creative and created a niche for themselves in attempting any kind of challenges. Here one more challenge has been thrown open to the members. Create a short story, write up or bring any humorous information by using most of the computer words which we are accustomed with. This will prove how best you know the computer system and how you would co relate your contents with the submission of entry to this thread. Here is mine

"There was heavy rush (jam) at the entrance of the hospital. a patient was lying at the entrance (start) as he collapsed before entering into the hospital. Though the passerby (trojans) were watching the patient, no one helping him. Even the stretcher or the wheel chair (reload) is not available to take him inside. One young boy who was watching all this (not secure), suddenly took the patient on his shoulder and walked (exit) inside much to the astonishment of all."