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    Are Devanagari numbers are necessary for currency notes?

    As the new currency notes are published there are some Devanagari numbers exists in the currency notes and it sometimes looks confusing when giving the currency note to other people because I am not used of these symbols and one more thing is why these Devanagari numbers are introduced in the currency notes and for what purpose? for whom they want to make happy I don't understand. Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    All for security reasons only. Indian currencies has been easily duplicated by unscrupulous elements across the borders and the government wants to ensure total security for that. And Devanagari numbers are our ancient way of writing numbers and thus the relevant of it may not be there today, but we have to cherish those numbers so that it wont be discarded by present generation. I appreciate the TSRTC buses are having the bus registration numbers written in Devanagari format and that way the present generation also know the numbering pattern at least up to 10 numbers.
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    Devanagari numbers are not known to many people. Similarly Telugu also not known to many people. Similarly Tamil also not known to many people. Then why we have to print the value of the note in words in so many languages. It is for the people who know tha language it is required. The same way some people know Devanagari also. It is good for them. another reason is to maintain our identity because no other country kcurrency will have this script. ThT is unique for India. Another point is what the above post mentioned that is security. In AP and Telangana the government buses will have the numbers in Devanagari script only. It is better if we learn these numbers.
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    In Mangalore,Karnataka, I travelled in a city bus operated by private. They give a ticket by getting Rs.11. I ashtonished by seeing the ticket as it was found printed as 11 the number only without any name or Rs. or ?. By seeing the view of author, I wish to state that there are certain formalities a Government should follow.

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