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    “GST”, from my point of view.

    One of the complications of setting up & managing of businesses was the complex tax structure in India. For the information of the users, we had eighteen different kinds of taxes previously. But now, as we now having the one tax as GST having different slabs depending upon the type of commodity, this has simplified the whole tax regime.

    I am saying so because I have been the part of a private organization which is now customized as per GST & is easy to understand the transactions now. But "yes", it was confusing initially as is the case with every new product for which we need some time to get adopted.

    For taking one instance, for any commodity entering Mumbai, also had to pay the octroy duty before finally this has been delivered to the customer. This is other than the CST that required for any inter-state sales. Along with this the transporter had to pay the toll tax too. Now this all has been dumped & replaced with GST.

    Don't you feel that this is a good initiative from the NDA government?
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    So slowly people are understanding and getting accustomed to the use of GST and its long term benefits. One thing is very great that the tax rates are fixed and even common man knows about it and therefore the manufacturers or the sellers cannot take the people for ride. Either too the customers were charged higher stating this tax and that tax for which there is no proof. Now the GST rates are made known by tax consultants even through whats app message and thus the awareness of GST has become more clearer and used to.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Thanks Mr. Mohan but one more interesting thing is that the supplier need to fill the Road Permit for any consignment for above of Rs. 50000/-. And the Customer has to accept the material as per the Road Permit. Here the government has to take care of the slight variations for any foul play which could be in terms of the quantity & total billing amount. So, now the government officer is now required to watch the transactions of both sides & in case of foul play, the officer can send them the notice through email asking for the explanation.

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    Any new system introduced will have some initial hick ups. Same is the case with GST also. Earlier days there multiple taxes and as mentioned by the author Octroi was there in Pune also. A lot of onfucion about this Octroi. But now this mess has been cleared by GST. The total tax system was simplified and for companies also now it is becoming easy. One Nation, one tax. Really a good concept introduced by NDA government but of course with agreement from UPA also.
    always confident

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