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    The term “reservation”, has been politically misused.

    Along with other instruments, the reservation has been proven as the essential mechanism for any of the political parties in order to attract the voters to their side. Although, after the election is over this got no sense or a meaning but this still confirms the winning with a good margin.

    There is no asking for the general category but most in demand would be the SC/ST/OBC. This doesn't end up here but continued on religion basis too. For instance, there is a competition of luring the minorities which although comprises of the second largest population of our country but forms the major vote bank to them & so the schemes are created in terms of reservation & allocation of funds.

    There are individuals who are physically challenged & disabled persons who are much in need of these funds & reservations but sadly no sufficient work has been done so far. The NDA has implemented one scheme in which the economically strong were requested to leave the subsidies on their own interest on the Gas cylinders allocation & was quite a hit because due to this the real needy people were offered more with the subsidized rate.

    Don't you feel that more from the SC/ST/OBC & other social communities should come ahead & denounce on their part & announce to allocate the jobs & the commodities to the really needy people who is physically challenged & disabled?

    Do you that this is possible but then how this could be implemented?
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    Denouncing their rights and forgo the chance to others. No way. After so much fight and pursuance, the certain classes got their reservation mentioned in the gazette and the beneficiaries are enjoying the fruits of it. Now the situation is that they are asking for more and how come they denounce the already got reservation. The idea mooted by the author can be made as a film and can be enjoyed, but in reality we cannot find people who can forgo their privileges already being enjoyed. Just watch how other castes are pressurizing for more reservation and that has become head ache for every party.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    What I feel is the government should make an amendment to the existing reservation policy. If a person of a family availed reservation and the beneficiary once becomes the head of family, then that family should not be made eligible for reservation. In other words only one generation of the family should be given the reservation advantage.
    No one is ready to lose the benefit of reservation given by the government. So the rulers only has to do some changes. But they will not do that as they will lose votes. If by any chance if any government does it the opposition will promise reversal of the same if it comes to power. So it will never happen.

    always confident

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