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    Why news headlines remain no different in so many years?

    Take a note of the earliest possible time when you first picked up the newspaper & looked at the headlines. Now compare with that to today's headlines. You will see that the incidences remain the same but the places & the personalities got changed.

    So what's the thing which makes you excited or interested about news headlines?
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    The creativity lies in creating headlines. Because the reader must understand what the news is in store for him in the content wise. That means the headlines portrays the gist of the content. In this regard I appreciate the creative thinking of Telugu and Tamil News papers which has created a niche for themselves. Never ever the headlines of many news papers were the same and that proves that headlines are created when the best editors are at the helm of affairs. I don't get bored with headlines and in fact learn from the skills of editors as to how they think and incorporate the words in creating works do the understanding level of readers.
    K Mohan
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    Not only headlines the inside news are also similar. Only names of persons and places and times only will change. We all are observing the same practice from so many years. This may be due to the similarity in the happenings. One leader criticizing another leader. One leader challenging another leader. One leader promising ocean to Hyderabad and another leader promising Himalayan mountain to Hyderabad. These will be the headlines always. But there are some news papers which are very sincere and report only correct news and never try to create any hype and suspension to the readers. They report only correct news. We should read such papers only.
    always confident

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