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    Social Responsibilities: can we do our bit?

    The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility is very much in the news. In this context, we, as Members of this fabulous website, have some social responsibilities.

    Am just two months old as a Member, and have a long way to go. So, if my suggestion is out of place, please do not mistake me for that. Please do share you views.

    How about starting a ISC Social Responsibility Trust, formed by ISC, but contributions for which can be restricted only to members? If we register such a Trust, we can have everything in order. However, every member can contribute his/her might, up to six days in a month, the total of which may please be spent for any worthwhile cause the next month.No limits on contributions, and whatever members can contribute fine. No compulsions either. Contributions should only be through NEFT and to a specified account only.

    Is this okay? For instance, if Rs.5000 is collected, some members in a particular city can go over to an old age home, consisting of very old people, and help them with groceries that will get them good food for one full day. There are normally one hundred people in such old age homes. The modalities can be worked out.

    Members, can we do something in this regard?
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    This is good to help the needy always to the extent possible to us. It may be a huge amount or a small amount. All depends on our capacity. There is no necessity of forming a society separately for this. The ISC can take out the money what they are giving to the concerned member a portion as accepted by the member and the amount so collected can be spent by ISC as per the need and the decision taken by the top people of ISC. If the money is used for a good cause it is Ok.
    Another way is the individual members can do help in their own area as required. If the association is to be formed there will be many formalities I think. So helping on an individual level is always better and everybody will get satisfied as he will select the way he wanted but an association can't do as per the individual's wishes.

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    It is a good suggestion that some initiative to help the needy in the name of ISC. However, most of the members of this channel must be doing this in their own way. It may in terms of cash or in terms of helping get a job arranging blood donation when in need, etc. There are several other means for helping the needy. Last year I donated twenty five thousand rupees divided among three persons. Like this most of our members must be helping the needy in different ways. May be it will not have the signature of ISC.
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    The suggestion is good but the implementation is difficult. Instead of waiting to form a group better do it on an individual basis. Here we have to wait for a long time to pool up the money. I suggest you do it individually.
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    The suggestion is very good and worth to be implemented but previously too when the floods occurred across the country and during Chennai floods, there were proposals to have cyclone relief fund from ISC and that was not taken. For this site, many members have joined here to learn and earn. Learning is the continued process to which there is no hitch. And earning from this site is not that easy as one has to start from pittance and if he or she has the profess, at the most can earn 5000 per month. But at that hard earned money may not be parted to the social cause which mooted by the author.
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    I believe that charity begins at home. Whatever efforts we do through organisations or institutions, that always land up in procedures and how to implement them type of discussions and many of such proposals do not see the light of the day.

    I have no intention of condemning the proposal of the author but it is more practical to do it at our local level in our community or society where there are no procedural bottle necks and money collected can be directly used for such noble purposes.

    Another thing which I strongly advocate is that instead of giving monetary help we should create jobs and pay the individual or orphanage in that fashion. For example if you want to hire a night watchman for your locality then give this job to the poor which you earlier wanted to help. This way he will understand the value of money and we will also get some service. Let us organise ourselves and create jobs and then use the collected money rather than just giving away to someone who may in all probability misuse it.

    Direct monetary help should be given to only those organisations who are taking care of destitute, orphans and handicapped people and that also after confirming the credentials of that either physically seeing or confirmation by a reliable source. Blind donation has no meaning. It will further deteriorate the scenario.

    Knowledge is power.

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