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    For the lingering taste of the Masal vada....

    Certain dishes simply keep us hooked, for the sheer taste and aroma. One such item, essentially an evening snack, but increasingly becoming an "anytime snack" in most of South India, is this lovely thing called "masal vada".

    It tastes a little different in Tamil Nadu and in Andhra Pradesh, though the Kerala taste, where it is possibly made in coconut oil, is similar to what we get in Tamil Nadu. It vanishes from the shelves in seconds and is a superb evening snack.

    People do say that if we consume more of it, we will land up in gastric troubles and such other ailments. Still, I have seen thousands feasting on it, everyday.

    The careful mix of the dall, and the quality of oil used, is very important, am told. The mixture is a very delicate thing, and only trained hands can do it. In very few places, there is a variant called "thavala vada", which is as prestigious and even more tasty.

    But the masal vada remains what it is .....
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    Masala vada is definitely a choice of foodies. With a properly mixed recipe and a good oil will give a special taste. If the coconut chutney is made properly that will add to the taste of masala vada. It is a favourite food for many for evening snack. My wife is an excellent maker of this food. I will never leave any chance of asking her to make this dish for a bite in the evening. In a month atleast twice it will be made in our house.
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    It is called 'Dal Vada' in some other places. In Kerala 'Paruppu Vada' was a very common and much savoured accompaniment with Tea. The Masal Vad is a little bigger and have more onions(shallots). It is this onion that makes it smell temptingly attracting us and tastes good.
    The problem with Masal vada or paruppu vada, if consumed more is because of the Chana dal or Kadalai paruppu used. In commercial uses not even kadalai parippu, but a separate variety Vada parippu is used. The dal is also not cooked well. In addition, the oil is used. That is not easy on digestion . So Masal Vada to be taken in moderation only. When Masal Vada is made at home they use Asafoetida and cumin to facilitate digestion.

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    The first time I had 'masala vada' was in Mumbai, then called Bombay. I was newly married and moved to Bombay, where my husband was posted. It was monsoon season, and we were invited for tea, to my husband's batch mate's house. One of the items on the menu was masala vada, which she called 'dal vada'. I loved the crispy texture of the snack and got the lady to give me the recipe. It turned out to be quite simple but does need a bit of preparation with soaking the 'channa dal' for a few hours, before it is ground.

    It is one of my favourite snacks, especially during the rainy season. However, I make a healthier version, by adding lots of finely chopped greens, usually spinach, and lots of onions and coriander (cilantro) and cumin seeds (jeera).

    I prefer them crisp on the outside with a soft inside, while my daughter and husband like them fried thin and crisp.

    In fact, I fried some just yesterday.

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    The vada that was available at Wardha railway station earlier (I do not know whether they are sold now or not) is a specialty item. My sister asked me not to miss it while coming to Delhi. Masala Vada is definitely a good snack liked by many people in Andhra Pradesh.
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    This remained one of my favorite dish ever. Although, I never been able to cook but still there are shops around to enjoy this whenever desired.

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