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    Where do you still see the horse driven cart?

    Some forty five years ago, the horse driven carts used to be found everywhere. No pollution at all. A ride promised a superb experience. If the cart were to go over small pebbles on the road, we would have minor jolts. On very good roads, the ride would be very smooth. It was a thrill par excellence.

    In those days, even five rupees was a great amount. So, for five rupees, we would get to travel to a distance of three kilometers in this lovely cart, driven by one horse. The "master" as he used to be sometimes called, would gently beat it at times for more speed. Or he would simply say"hey, hey" and the horse would obey...

    Where do you find this superb thing today?
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    While I am writing the response, I see a horse-driven cart from my window. I see it everyday. However, it is not carrying a human being, it is being used for selling vegetables. In Old Delhi, there are some horse-driven carts near Old Delhi Railway station and Jama Masjid which carry people, but the number of such carts has been decreasing steadily. I have seen horse-driven carts in many places like Jammu, Lucknow, Allahabad, Kanpur, Gaya, Bhopal, Matheran, etc. Even in the Red Road of Kolkata near Maidan, there are some horse-driven carts used by people to enjoy a different experience. In Matheran, cars are banned and horse-driven carts are the main transport.
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    Still there are some horse driven cats in our native place once in a while. In our childhood days there were many horse carts. But slowly they vanished. But only one cart is still there and on special occasions the owner bring them on to road and make one or two rounds. During our childhood days we used to go for the nearby places on the cart only. In the nights we used to travel by carts to go to cinemas. I have travelled by these carts for my SSC examinations also.
    Two years back when we have visited Shirdi we could find some horse carts there also.

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    You can easily see the horse driven cart in Burhanpur of Madhya Pradesh. Whenever I visit Burhanpur I really enjoy hiring this horse-driven cart. Horses are also available here to ride. I do not know the other places where the horse driven cart is available in Madhya Pradesh. Horses are available in my suburban areas to ride.
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    This whole trend keeps us telling that the time is changing. As far as I can remember it's a long time back but now this all has been replaced with the auto rickshaws.

    The author has rightly pointed out that this didn't lead to the pollution but on the other hand I feel that due to auto rickshaws, the inhumane acts on those animals have been stopped. I always felt bad to have a look to those signs of straps on their skins. So sometimes it's good to thank the technology for their implications for some positive outcomes. I am a bit diverted from the subject of enjoyment but I also wanted to highlight this concern to the readers.

    But for sure, that while shifting to the motor engines we have invited the environment concerns too.

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    Even very recently I saw horse carts at Palani,in Tamil Nadu.Some pilgrims make use of that.
    I had travelled in a horse cart a few years ago during my Simla- Manali tour.
    In Mumbai and suburbs I used to see horse drawn carts well decorated at tourist spots. Tourists are taken for a short ride for a fee. I also used to see them in Marriage processions and in processions relate to certain religious events.

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    Horse driven carts, though small in number, could be seen In Palakkad town in Kerala. Of course it is used as carrier of vegetable or such other items to be sold at the market. Occasionally people are also seen inside.
    However, the petrol/ diesel vehicles have replaced all such animal pulling vehicles. Earlier in most of the markets ox pulling carts used to bring vegetables and other marketable goods. The market places will have the dungs spread here and there. Even the roads will be scattered with this.
    Remember that earlier human carriers were pulled by human beings itself. They were called rickshaw wallahs. Later it became cycle rickshaws and now auto rickshaws.

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    There are very few of them nowadays seen used by some vendors bringing fruits or vegetables from nearby markets or villages. Their number is going down day by day as keeping a horse is itself a costly affair when other cheaper means of transportation are available.

    When I visited Matheran, the hill station in Maharashtra, I saw a number of these in the streets there, as in Matheran town, automobiles are not permitted in order to keep the environment and ecology intact.

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    Yes the horse driven carts are still seen in some parts of the old city and buggies are now also seen as the arrangement to bring the groom the marriage venue. I had the privilege of travelling in horse cart in Delhi old city and that was really enjoyable. I was travelling from Triokpuri to the ISBT terminal and the "driver" used to command the horse in such a way that it wont rash against any vehicle while running or taking turns. If the rope is taken on the left of horse shoulder and pulled towards the driver, the horse would turn to left and run and vise versa. But applying sudden break not possible.
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