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    Is 'Gujarat Model' simply an exaggeration or it is a reality?

    In the 2014 General election the talk of Gujarat model brought wave for Mr. Modi and BJP throughout the country for their success. But when we google about this fact , it says Goa, Kerala and Tamil Nadu are the top most developed states of the country. All these states previously never ruled by BJP. With different developmental parameters, in Raghuram Rajan's report Gujarat stands 12th. As a resident of undivided A.P. with Hyderabad as capital, under Congress and TDP rule it has developed many more times better than other states of India. As I never visit Gujarat I don't have an idea how much well developed comparatively with other states. Like me most other Indians also have no real idea regarding 'Gujarat Model'. Is Gujarat can be comparable to Texas of USA to call like that? Those who have real experience with this fact please explain about it.
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    Any doubts? 'Gujarat model' is just an exaggeration. Can we be blind to ladies searching for bushes to ease themselves (for example)? Now, Shri Modi and his team are busy building toilets for all. It is a funny situation; what they could not achieve in Gujarat for the past fifteen years, they are asking us to give another twenty years to build the nation. Can he? It is a serious question and we need to be aware.
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    As far as I understand, the every territory of India once ruled by the Congress Party & as often we have been reminded by the different other authors for the comparative analysis in order to understand the complete picture. But again we are justifying ourselves through one sided analysis.

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    Let us, for argument's sake. assume what the author and another Member have said is true. Let us suppose Gujarat model is an exaggeration. People have now understood it. Even then, people are voting for Modi-led BJP. BJP, as a party, is getting maximum vote share in every election.

    What does it indicate? This indicates that even after understanding the exaggeration(!), people are voting for BJP because they don't find any alternative amongst the terrible opposition leaders belonging to terrible opposition parties.

    Isn't it? That settles the argument.

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    I have a relative in Baroda, Gujarat. They have told that they have never felt a power cut for last many years. When I visited them what I could see really marvelled me. The irrigation canal passing nearby had solar panels erected on them throughout. Though I do not know anything firsthand other than this, I can guess from what my relative told me that there is definitely development.
    If electricity is supplied uninterrupted, then that itself will trigger and help grow industry, business and other activities. That will enable growth and development. I also guess there may be similar or better development in other places also in the state

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    Yes, As I have a friend and colleague in Gujarat from Bhavnagar 8 years before(now he is not in touch with me) as his father had a heart attack for that he came to Hyderabad for the treatment. I asked do n't you have Hospitals in Gujarat he said there are but they are very costly and in that there are one or two multispeciality hospitals at the time Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat.
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    I had been to Gujarat and stayed in an important place of that state for 15 days two years back. For that 15 days I stayed in a guest house of a company. For 15 days I never experienced any power cut and the people who were with me told that there is no power cut there even in summer not only in cities but in all villages also. The solar power was very well organised and people talk about Modi and his able governance. It was also told that the Industrial growth is also good there.
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    I had very interesting experience with Gujarat state.
    I experienced the difference between Gujarat and West Bengal

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    Inviting Nano Project to Gujrat from West Bengal was one of the master plan for the then CM Modi but couldn't be successful. If the project was a hit then imagine the development & employment opportunities there. As the success & failure remines the part of life but his intentions were good & that's why he is a different leader still.

    However, the others never understand this but continue to involve him as a broker between the corporate houses. How cheap?

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    In many developmental parameters, Gujarat is much ahead of other states, even it is better than Delhi. This can be proved by the fact till 204, very few IAS officers of Gujarat cadre used to opt for central deputation. This situation changed since 2014 when our Prime Minister has personally brought many efficient officers from Gujarat.

    Let us not bother much about what agenda-driven cynics say. They are engaged in serious fault-finding mission.

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    This was discussed thoroughly before the 2014 elections. Gujarat is not number one in any parameter as per the statistics released by the Government itself. The economic indices were good but the social indices very poor. Now after the present government came to power the same thing is happening across the country.
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    Mr. KVRR / #639449,

    How come that "the social indices very poor", because of the present government?

    Pl. do clarify the "social indices" in Karnataka wherein the past government was of Congress & still there is a government in association with the Congress party.

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    That is my opinion whether you like it or not. We are discussing Gujarat and let us confine to that. You can refer to the statistics of the various States including Karnataka from the internet.
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    I thought of having some ground basis for your opinion which I also wanted to know but if this remained within your opinion then this hardly matters to me & perhaps to anyone.

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    ''Now after the present government came to power the same thing is happening across the country.''--------Does this sentence imply that '' We are discussing Gujarat and let us confine to that''?

    Just asking.

    This is a classic example of ''shoot and when challenged, flee''.

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    # 639459: 'Human Development Index' tool is used to determine the overall development in social and economic aspects. Gujarat is in the tenth place after, 1.Kerala. 2. Himachal Pradesh. 3. Tamil Nadu. 4.Maharashtra. 5. Punjab. 6. Haryana. 7. Jammu&Kashmir. 8. Karnataka. 9. Andhra Pradesh. 10. Gujarat, as per 2017 statistics. Hope this will explain the position of Gujarat not being at the top in any indices.
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    Well Gujaratis are already wealthy people and they show interest to start new business, so during Modi regime he might have created conducive atmosphere for the development Industries and business. But one of my relative who hails from Ahmedabad has confirmed me several times that they have seen lots of progress infrastructure wise., wide roads, best marketing hubs and above all the produce gets easily sold outside and thus every business man takes pride of being Gujarati and I was even told that there is no power cuts and the business held even on Sundays , so no dearth for any problems.
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    A very interesting thread raised by the author. Before I say anything about Gujarat, I would like to share few example which I had come to know from 2 of my close friends and 1 from my teacher.
    One of my friend who is a lawyer and was working in Vadodara for last 5 years had a very pleasant experience and had no complaints as such regarding the infrastructure, basic amenities, people living there, cleanliness and security. He has now shifted to Bombay but has purchased a flat in Vadodara to move back after few years because of the peaceful time he had there.
    Other friend who has business in Gujarat as well as in UP has told me that there is a huge difference. He never had to pay a bribe to any policemen to get his goods transported. In case of any mistake they actually challan you not ask for any bribe or harass you.

    Now coming to my teacher who used to go there to take classes told me that he had rarely seen girls roaming around on streets at 11 o'clock at night. It was like a rare thing to see, they were strolling and having snacks on road side, which speaks a volume about the safety.

    Now whatever I have known is something very positive and also about the solar panel for energy which other members have also discussed.

    I think we mostly believe on things when someone close to us talks about it and where more than one person says so, then, we totally believe the same. Now if the Gujarat model is shown as an example then I won't call it an exaggeration as this is what I believe.
    There are other states which fare better than Gujarat but since Mr. Modi has not never been CM of those states and have actually not worked there, so why will he represent them as model state. He can talk only about the work he has done and not about the others.
    So, I don't think that there is any exaggeration as we form opinion based on the experiences we have.

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    The 'Human Development Index' is calculated by taking into consideration, 1. Health - the life expectancy at birth. 2. Education - expected years of school education for school-age children. 3. Income - the mean income of people in a place taking into consideration income from all sources divided by the population.
    The infant mortality rate mainly due to malnutrition in Gujarat is reported to be high. It is in 17th. place in infant mortality and 25th. in underweight children. 39% of children under the age of 5 years are underweight. This indicates the condition of the poor.
    Gujrat is an economically developed State in India. Its economic indices are good and social indices are poor. It is this aspect that is to take more care of. Health and education are very important factors for a country.

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    But I can say the Gujarat model is far better than the 'Singapore model' adapted by the former AP CM of the united Andhra and the present CM of residual AP .

    There is a model working silently in the states of Chattisgarh, Odisha and Bihar without publicity by the leaders and media. That developmental model should work everywhere which saves money on advertisements.


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    Mr.jagadish, BJP government spent 3,755 crores on advertisements since it assumed govt. 2014 till 2017.

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    The present Chief Minister of Gujarat has been working relatively silently and as per some report, Mr. Rupani has been working efficiently to the satisfaction of the majority of people. He is following the Gujarat Development Model of Mr. Modi, the present PM and former CM of Gujarat.
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    What if the advertisements were being used to keep aware the public of the various governmental schemes so as to keep this reachable to the common people. There is nothing wrong in this as the objective remined to benefit the public. One of such advertisement was to request the more capable segment to leave the subsidy on the Gas so that the benefit may reach to the poor people who actually need it. We should appreciate it. Don't we?

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